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Too bad if true.  Panasonic makes nice plasma screens.
What does this mean for users? Will Google Contacts now have access to contacts you add in iOS, and vice versa? That's what it seems to imply, but it's somewhat vague.
I used Windows 8 CP exclusively for a week, just to see how bad it is.   Verdict: I liked it.  While Metro apps are silly on anything other than a tablet, the desktop is still there and just as usable as before.  I found I actually prefer the start screen over the start menu.  It's much more customizable and acts as a proper, fast launcher.  I don't think it will win over many Apple users, but nor do I think it will make Windows users jump ship in droves.   It...
"Wouldn't leave Apple at any price" is a bit deceptive, as the article is talking about discounts applied to competing devices. I wouldn't take a free Galaxy S III if I could get my next iPhone for $200 (though I would take a free Nexus 7), but at the same time, I wouldn't pay $1000 for my next iPhone.
Looks better than I've been picturing it, but I'm still a bit troubled by the glass on the top and bottom.
  2.39:1 has been around since the 1970s.  It's not some new conspiracy against 16:9 TVs.
Honestly, I can't help but think of this as a good thing.  Choice is good and all, but we need more competition in the eReader marketspace.  Somewhat paradoxically, not offering the Kindle could improve sales of competing brands (in this case Barnes & Noble--and the Nook is, in many ways, the superior eReader, and I say this as a Kindle owner).   Regardless, I doubt that Target really made much money off of the Kindle line.  It's probably there more as a way to get...
Interesting...it was my understanding that, according to F-secure, Flashback wouldn't install itself if you had Little Snitch (or a host of other programs). Am I reading this wrong?http://www.f-secure.com/v-descs/troj...shback_i.shtml Regardless, I ran the update and have done the discovery steps of the manual removal progress, and found nothing.
Nope. I've never used the configuration utility and it showed up for me. Downloading now
This might be the shortest article I have ever seen. Too bad the download isn't available yet.
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