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  You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. 
If the back of those phones are matte and possibly rubbery these could be a hit with the soccer moms/kids who drop it all the time. Bit weird that Apple would deviate from being a premium brand though.
It feels more buggy than Beta 1. 
iWatch at 0:30.
Sweet jesus, please no. It doesn't need to be any more social than it already is - it should be transparently using data from other drivers, but I don't want to know who they are. This is what makes Waze great. I would like to see some of those implementations in Apple maps, real time user speed/reporting of accidents and gas prices etc, but nothing else. 
  100% spot on. 
That phone is an iPhone replica. Cue the lawsuits.
I feel as if nothing is happening in Cupertino these days.
  So update, even if you have saved blobs there is no going back to 6.1.2. Apple is playing serious hard mode here, this update is 99% out to kill jail breakers who think they've saved blobs and thought they were safe (i.e. me).   http://www.evad3rs.net/2013/03/ios-613-jailbreak-or-ios-7-jailbreak.html
Not if the tweets from Musclenerd are anything to go by.    https://twitter.com/MuscleNerd/status/314073229268496384   Apple is still signing 6.1.2 for now but I'd save blobs asap.
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