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Completely underwhelmed on the iPhone 4. Tried out the turn by turn and it was choppy, with little information given, also the routes were longer than I would have driven naturally. Both Apple maps and Waze offer faster routes. Obviously not indicative of the whole app service itself, just disappointed.    It's also really choppy on iPhone 4 compared to Apple maps blazing speed. And the google public transport isn't 'available in my area'. Sticking to Apple maps for...
If it doesn't have turn-by-turn I don't think people will mind, it's the public transport integration that was the most useful, especially in places where there is no good equivalent.   However if Google release a map app that's as fluent as their search app with voice recognition, vector based like on Android, brings back the public transport option etc and also throws in turn by turn, I'm in.
Has anyone actually watched the video? He is holding an iPhone 5.
  I wish everyone would use Waze. Or Apple would just buy them and somehow integrate their service. Waze + Apple maps would be amazing.
Best comment ever.
Seriously hoping they drop iTunes 11.
The main issue with Apple maps is that the database they are using is largely inaccurate or incomplete, correct? For the most part the naming of streets and numbers is acceptable - why can Apple not license the basic Google search for places of interest and route the two addresses? All turn by turn is still done by Apple but they are not going to get close to Googles knowledge database of search any time soon. Time to renew that license Apple.
Affected here in New Zealand.
Apparently there was an issue in California with pre-nups, I can't remember exactly what but it involved Zuck protecting all his stock.
So you mean restore from the iOS file in iTunes? Or restore to factory settings?
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