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They copy what now? Maybe you do need to get out of AI once in a while. Samsung Electronics has consistently been ranked second after IBM for the most patents granted. Is that not innovation?
Is that supposed to be a poem?
So many sour grapes in this thread. Companies do these stunts all the time, including Apple (Mac/Windows comparisons for one). Good on Samsung for capitalizing on their Australian legal drama.
It was more about the Arab Spring than the OWS movement. And the protests forced governmental changes. What have Stevie done this year besides selling more computer gadgets?
Well no shit. He did spend a fair amount of time earlier this year away on sick leave before stepping down as CEO. What notable things have he accomplished this year?
It seems that you're the one who's upset just because someone happened to hold a different opinion than yours about the whole situation. Just add him to the ignore list if it bothers you that much and move on with your life.
If I remember correctly, you get an ISO file which you could mount it on a USB disk or burn it onto a DVD prior to installation. Or is this article talking about some other forms of digital delivery?
But Windows 7 was already offered as a digital download right from the start. I remember getting free copies of both 32 bits and 64 bits version of Windows 7 Professional off the MSDN Academic Alliance website years ago. And the installation process sure had improved over the previous versions. Can't wait to see if the stuffs they claim for Windows 8 are true.
Which is a bunch of nonsense of course. Except the competition part. But they sure got their ass handed to them in those European anti-trust lawsuits in the end.
Personally, I still don't see the appeal of today's media consumption tablets. It's too big to carry around unlike a smartphone, yet too small to do any real productive work on it. The Asus Transformer tablet/laptop hybrid looks cool though. But even then, its mobile OS is a significant constraint. Let's see how tablets evolve over the next few years. Things might get a little more interesting as Microsoft brings out its Windows 8 tablets next year.
New Posts  All Forums: