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I would also like to know how. Currently it just controls the TV and the sound bar is separate. My understanding is that the volume control is one device only.
 The Apple TV has a taptic engine? Do you mean the new Apple TV or the old one? Or maybe you meant from the Apple Watch?
This is not all new - some of it was already there in iOS 8. It already told me about traffic to and from work. It knew what work was because it's in my contact card. It also knew that I went to the gym at specific times and told me how long the trip would take from home. What's new is that it's smarter about it, giving more information like traffic level and knowing when you're in your car, and it's also happening in more places and different times outside of my normal...
 Typo? Or intentional? FLARE - a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light: the flare of the match lit up his face. A device producing a bright flame, used esp. as a signal or marker: a helicopter spotted a flare set off by the crew. A sudden burst of intense emotion: she felt a flare of anger within her. A gradual widening, esp. of a skirt or pants: as you knit, add a flare or curve a hem. FLAIR - a special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something...
This was fixed a few weeks ago. It was a separate updater for 10.10.3 and will be rolled into 10.10.4 when it's released. https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1808?locale=en_US
I've had it crash with JPEG files that are 30MB or more but smaller ones are fine. I haven't opened them in Preview, just used Quicklook on them in Finder, then BOOM it reboots.
iPhoto and Aperture should continue to keep working in Yosemite. Apple has said this. There was even a recent update to iPhoto, after the announcement that it was being discontinued. Support in future OS versions is what is being discontinued. iPhoto still works fine on my computer and I will keep using it until some of the missing features are added in Photos.
Yes this happens to me too. But signing out of the store also turns off TouchID for the store. As soon as you sign back into the store, Password options is back, then enabled TouchID for the store and Password options is gone again. Obviously Apple thinks TouchID is convenience enough.
A few things I've noticed... - the setting is there but the switch doesn't work - the entire password options section disappears once you enable touchID for the store
The Public Beta users aren't granted the same access as developers. The bug reporting tools are more limited and they don't get direct access to Apple Engineers and I don't think they'll get any replies or followups either.
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