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Yes this happens to me too. But signing out of the store also turns off TouchID for the store. As soon as you sign back into the store, Password options is back, then enabled TouchID for the store and Password options is gone again. Obviously Apple thinks TouchID is convenience enough.
A few things I've noticed... - the setting is there but the switch doesn't work - the entire password options section disappears once you enable touchID for the store
The Public Beta users aren't granted the same access as developers. The bug reporting tools are more limited and they don't get direct access to Apple Engineers and I don't think they'll get any replies or followups either.
 The AppleTV doesn't require an update to install new channels all the time. A new channel was added last week without an update. Many others have been added over the last year is this same manner. It just so happens that a new channel showed up along with today's ATV update.
Depends on your iPhone. On my iPhone 6, the update was 247MB alone. I suggest not leaving so much on your phone. Always good to have lots of free space... you never know when you'll need it and then have to go and delete stuff.
Favicons are still there. The only time when they're gone is in the location bar, and they show up there when you click into it. Everywhere else there's no change from Mavericks.
Thanks for perfectly illustrating how to paint everyone with the same $49-per-month brush. Do you work for Adobe? Now I know that because I don't use Adobe software as you outlined above, I no longer qualify as a professional. I have a regular Monday-Friday full time job as a designer in a print shop. Things are tough in the print industry, especially in a small town like mine. I can't convince my bosses to get CC unless CS6 stops working. I also do the occasional job at...
The Camera Roll does not show "every photo you've ever taken", as the article says.   The point of the Camera Roll, at least for me, was to show every photo and movie that I've taken with my iPhone. This excludes photos synced from my Mac.   Now there is no way for me to quickly scroll through the photos I took with my iPhone because they're lumped together with my photo albums synced from iPhoto on my mac. Also, I can no longer sort my albums so the ones I need more...
Wait until you see the final release. This is just the first beta. You realize you can enable, disable and reorder widgets right?
You can share a website link still for anyone to go to and view and make comments.
New Posts  All Forums: