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Adium has supported OS X notifications for about a year already.
Is already is!
 Why don't you hide the ones you don't use then? It's in Settings, under Restrictions. Often times when there is a problem there is a solution if you look for it.
Pardon my french: DUH.
Activity window was gone in Mountain Lion.
Looks like the Finder sidebar still lacks color, which is a big disappointment to me after the new iTunes brought back the color. Hopefully this will change before the final release.
Typo in article, you call it OS X 10.9 Mountain Lion.
  iPhoto does and it's also built in Mountain Lion. Only iOS doesn't have it.   I just tried uploading a gallery from iPhoto to Flickr using the full-size option and it's been uploading for the last half hour. It didn't ask me to upgrade my account or anything so I take it the full-size option now just works. All I got was a webpage request to authorize the iPhoto/Flickr communication.
Amen to this. Please go to apple.com/feedback and report it. Bugs the tar out of me.   Also, I have a similar problem where you switch from music to somewhere else like the App Store and then switch back to music and the song you had selected is no longer selected, is goes back to the first song alphabetically.
Those guys are smiling so much in that video, not because the new features are so cool, but because they see the money truck backing up at Adobe headquarters.
New Posts  All Forums: