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Wait until you see the final release. This is just the first beta. You realize you can enable, disable and reorder widgets right?
You can share a website link still for anyone to go to and view and make comments.
I had this same problem with my iPhone 5 when going from iOS 6 to 7. Eventually AppleCare replaced the phone after showing the problem still after a complete restore as a new phone. My replacement phone has no battery problems.
Adium has supported OS X notifications for about a year already.
Is already is!
 Why don't you hide the ones you don't use then? It's in Settings, under Restrictions. Often times when there is a problem there is a solution if you look for it.
Pardon my french: DUH.
Activity window was gone in Mountain Lion.
Looks like the Finder sidebar still lacks color, which is a big disappointment to me after the new iTunes brought back the color. Hopefully this will change before the final release.
Typo in article, you call it OS X 10.9 Mountain Lion.
New Posts  All Forums: