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They'll call it "The Sidebar", and like their Mac OS, all items served in this bar will be devoid of color.
I don't get enough business to warrant buying every upgrade or paying a monthly fee. I just have a few clients on the side. Adobe seems to be making it more difficult for these types of users. I guess I'll look at CS6.5 when it comes out next year and if Adobe will let me upgrade from CS5. I'll still peeved that a major bug I reported to Adobe was fixed in 5.5 (tech support's "fix" for this crash was to pay for the upgrade).
What a ripoff. The CS5.5 upgrade had virtually nothing new so I skipped it. Now I see the upgrade from 5 to 6 is double that from 5.5 - 5.5 should have been free from what I've seen. I have 5 at home and 5.5 at work.   OT - I hate it when these new forums take over my right-click!
Welcome to my personal hell working in prepress.
I see it on my iPhone now. It lists a bunch of changes including Siri, Photostream, Camera app, battery life and other quality issues.
I'm all for new features but I hope they are fixing bugs first. iOS 5 lags on my iPhone 4 and my sister has been complaining for awhile about severely decreased performance on her iPod. I'm also getting problems with volume... click and tap noises suddenly becoming really loud even with volume turned way down, or certain sounds not playing at all. Restarting the iPhone solves it temporarily.
The deals are available for Canada, just not the app. It asks to take you to the UK store.
When did Apple become stiff?
Where does one find these scripts?
Looks like they changed the Pane headings from UPPERCASE back to Upper and Lowercase. This is much easier to read and I never understood why they changed it in CS4.
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