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Who said Back To My mac is going away?
Proofreader needed!
When Skype actually fixes the interface for Skype 5, then THAT will be news.
Photostream is no apparent replacement for the current Gallery. I can't see any reason why I would automatically want my photos uploaded to the cloud. I prefer to choose, and the current method looks like it takes away choice. Can your photo stream be organized into albums? Can you share photos or albums with someone else? Unless Apple is withholding more info on this feature, this is a big step back.
I haven't been able to load the main page since yesterday. I still can't this morning. Also Lion/Safari 5.1 Note it also won't load in FireFox either.
Will this work with any Airport Extreme or Express or only the newest models?
In Canada, pay per use internet is on the horizon. The internet companies were pushing for it months ago and then there was a huge public backlash. Because of the election, many politicians made it an issue and it never happened. However now with the election over it's on the table again.
So my late 2009 mini will have to hold on for awhile. I have around 50 DVDs of backup files for design projects I've done over the years. Some of the them started as CDs, then I transfered to DVDs, then to Dual-Layer DVDs. So what is the next step Apple? Buy a big-ass hard drive and hope it doesn't crash some day? Yes I can buy the external superdrive, but as it was said before it kills the esthetic of one small box. Yes I can buy an iMac, and a I'd LOVE to, but as...
What do you mean re-send email? You've been able to do that for ages! Just go Message > Send again.
I signed up with that link and never got an extra 250MB.
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