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According to Apple, you can't mix MobileMe and iCloud with Back To My Mac. It's like they exist in separate worlds. I can't remember the exact page in their support documents, but this was a hot topic in the Apple Discussion Forums. MY issue, besides the above issue, is I'm noticing if I change a contact's picture on my iPhone the change won't push to the cloud and neither will any subsequent changes. If I make a change on iCloud.com or on my mac, then those changes will...
I believe the main issue here is that people were creating Apple ID accounts that either they were unaware were AppleID's or the accounts eventually turned into AppleID's down the road. That's what happened with me. My AppleID goes way back to before MobileMe existed. It has all my iTunes purchases etc. and is tied to the Mac Store and Apple Discussions forums among other things. When MobileMe came out, I opened an account, got a me.com email address and altered my...
I'd like to point out that the Photo Albums you can now create directly in iOS are not the same as Photo Albums you've synced from iPhoto (for example) or the Camera Roll. Photos are not actually placed into the albums you've created, instead they are merely a link to the photo's original location, so you can't actually "move" a photo into one of your albums. If you remove the original photo, the one in your album is gone too. This is a big limitation I hope Apple...
Since upgrading all I get is error 5002 when trying to upgrade a few apps. Same if I upgrade right from my iPhone. Anyone else with this issue?
It's not on every platform and is not free either.
Got it working here. Glad to see Apple has relaxed it's rules on customizing the sounds and alerts and using your own. However I see no way to use a separate sound for different email account. You can do this for texting, seems strange to not have it for emails.
Who said Back To My mac is going away?
Proofreader needed!
When Skype actually fixes the interface for Skype 5, then THAT will be news.
Photostream is no apparent replacement for the current Gallery. I can't see any reason why I would automatically want my photos uploaded to the cloud. I prefer to choose, and the current method looks like it takes away choice. Can your photo stream be organized into albums? Can you share photos or albums with someone else? Unless Apple is withholding more info on this feature, this is a big step back.
New Posts  All Forums: