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 @ElectroTech : these non-compete agreements are silly (though I blame Liang for accepting the non-compete and bonus, then moving on to work for a competitor).  I guess AIer's are yet to learn anything from Apple's anti-poaching lawsuits.
 @WonkoTheSane : to  best of my knowledge, the case is about Liang Mong-Song's breach of non-compete agreement (and bonus he received as part of the agreement).  Samsung is not a party to this lawsuit and has been not accused of anything.
 @anantksundaram : sure, anything to call out your nonsensical economics batsh*t.  Too bad this isn't DailyKos.
 @e1618978 :    I said Apple's global "iPhones" sales, not their overall revenue.   Further, the crisis (or recession) started in late 2007 and there are only two data quarterly points (so there is really no pre-2007 data).
 @anantksundaram : Sure,  Apple has $55B in debt -- AND about $180+B in cash all over the world.  That's after having distributed $60+B in dividends in the past few years.  Further, Apple makes profit pretty much every year; there hasn't been any surplus in gov't since 1957 -- when the fiscal-conservative Eisenhower was the prez. It's just really difficult to understand what you are trying to say here. (seems to explain why you are on my "block list")
 @anantksundaram : And what is your point?  The US currency had been backed by some commodity (eg, gold) standard much of that time.   There was really no macro data collected until the 30's, so it's difficult to parse out exactly what really happened (eg, there are a lot of unknowns,  debates about the late 1800's), but we do know how the US Dollar performed since the collapse of the Bretton Woods system in the early 70's:   So, it's down about 35% since we've been on the...
 @e1618978 : Sure, 1. there is no other global competitor other than Samsung.   LG is the only other non-Chinese top smartphone maker among the top global smartphone makers, but its marketshare still a mid single-digit.  Like I said earlier, other than those Chinese domestic smartphone makers who are posed to gain even in slow economy, "some of Apple's competitors" don't matter at all at this point.  3. (a) Apple's sales during the last macro economic crisis were tiny and...
 @1618978 : no. 1.  Samsung is no longer Apple's competitor in China (never was).  Apple's main competitors in China are Chinese domestic smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Huawei, etc whose low-priced phones are better posed for growth in slower economy. 2. Apple "assembles" goods in China and that's pretty much it.  Most costly, crucial parts come from everywhere, but China (eg, AP, NaND flash, display, etc) 3. Apple's sales in 2008 and 2009 were tiny and I'm skeptical the...
 @spamsandwich : that's too high.  I'd buy it for $75 or less. 
 @pdq2  : First, the CAFC reversed about $0.5B of the original damages (ie, trade dress) and remanded it for a re-trial. Second, the lower courts' flawed design ruling has far greater implication in the whole US economy, more specifically in the IP world, and, as you will discover in the next year or so, there would be more companies and industries stepping up their support for Samsung.   Many large tech companies have already filed an amicus brief in support of Samsung's...
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