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 @Mechanic : Sure, and very few cases have the support of legal community / academics and interests from a broad range of major companies from manufacturing to tech industries that Samsung enjoys this time around.   I'd say the chance is very high. 
 @spanading : most of Apple's patents asserted against Samsung during the first trial have been invalidated or are up for retrial; those from the second trial are still under review and I am very skeptical that too many of them would survive, when all said and done.  Most of Apple's claims are based on design, trade dress and utility patents, I doubt Apple's empty litigations would interfere much on Samsung's mobile platform ambition. Let's not forget, Apple also...
 The Bloomberg article refers to three "inventions" : Apple’s slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quicklinks features.  I don't think however these are very strong patents.  Slide-to-Unlock for instance has been invalidated pretty much everywhere, but the US.  But, with the recent Alice vs CLS Bank ruling, it's fairly safe to say the utility patent is pretty much dead at this point. 
 @wood1208 : Sure, and what part of Asia are you referring to? TSMC has been manufacturing Qualcomm chips as long as I remember -- even before Samsung started their foundry business. 
 @tmay : that's how it'd always been done before : Samsung's used Qualcomm SOCs for the US, and their own Exynos for everyone else.  Of course, Qualcomm's SD 810 was an exception to that. It most likely has little to do with cutting any deal with Qualcomm.  Samsung really didn't have any foundry business until 2006 and Apple was pretty much the only only major customer until last year.  TSMC is still much larger and was ahead of Samsung both in sales and technology.  This...
 @SolipsismY: Your comments are rude, condescending, insecure, irrelevant and deliberately misleading; so why do you expect me to respond in any other way? But I gotta ask though, when you debate, do you always prefer attacking a strawman (or is that what you call "effective writing"?)   Sure, nobody claimed that Samsung created their own voice assistance (nor does it have to), but, you and your buddy here.  You see, your buddy @IndyFX is a bit of an old-school and still...
 @SolipsismY : Sure, Samsung never developed their own voice assistance and outsourced Vlingo (on the S2 through S4)  and Nuance (the S5 and on).  According to @IndyFX's laughable logic, Samsung's VoiceTalk in2012 doesn't account because it relied on Vlingo and, by extension, Samsung's S-Voice still doesn't account and doesn't really exist since it's still powered by Nuance.   You see where you and your friend's sad logic fails?  LOL
 @Rayz : Sure, but no court found such "willful" copying anywhere anytime.  What are you basing this on?  Otherwise, I think it's safe to assume Apple's theft. I'm pretty sure the lawyers at Smartflash are saying the same : they have no choice but to fight it. They can't just let big guys like Apple walk all over them. 
 @solipismY: *yawn*  Sure, I see that you are really trying too hard to be cute here. Now, as for Samsung's first voice assistant (aka, VoiceTalk -- later repackaged as S-Voice, first bundled with the Galaxy S2. Apple Siri : initial release in Oct, 2011Samsung Voice-Talk : initial release in May, 2011 and I'd let the video do the talking (dated May, 2011) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt81IUOI-nM Good luck with Google Now or Apple's copied Siri -- I don't use either,...
 @indyfx : well, except that Samsung's voice assistant, later known as S-Voice, came out about 6 months earlier than Apple's copycat did. Of course, Siri was great although it couldn't give drive instruction outside the US while the S-Voice did.  Apple invented everything first obviously. I guess this groupthinking really works well for some AI'ers here. 
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