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This ad is right on the money.  I was at Starbucks in SOHO, NYC, sitting next to a wall socket charging my MacBook last week. I was swarmed by iPhone users the whole three hours. Some even asked if they could use the USB ports on my MacBook to charge their iPhones -- I let them. Perhaps Android phones aren't very popular in this particular neighborhood -- there were a lot of tourists -- , but there was no Galaxy phone users asking for charging. 
hate being a nitpick, but he title is a bit misleading: "Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c leads in Europe, but platform mix rises with Samsung's Galaxy S5 debut" The original KW press release, Galaxy S5 attracts some Apple customers in Europe, on the other hand states:  not in EU5.  Android still accounted for 75% of smartphone OS sales while iOS had only 16.5% in EU5 ending 3-month/May 2014. Apple smartphone sales is higher in Britain:  Android 58.6% vs iOS 29.4% -- definitely...
I'm not surprised that Grewal, again, ruled in Apple & Nokia's favor.  In 2012, Grewal also rejected Samsung's charge against Apple's evidence spoliation, reasoning that Samsung's motion was one day past the tentative deadline, or one day after he'd accepted Apple's charge against Samsung.  Grewal's ruling was later overturned after a brief public outcry.   In this case again, both MOFO and QE leaked their licensing agreements with other parties, but Samsung's law firm...
 You mean Samsung needs Apple's fashion design R&D?  LOL
 Right, Apple doesn't do any in-house manufacturing and Apple has little or no display screen techs themselves; Apple's recent acquisition of LuxVue notwithstanding. Samsung is pretty much the only supplier / consumer in the mobile OLED space. For instance, Samsung's AMOLED world marketshare is still close to 95%.  It's not that there is no demand outside Samsung -- HTC tried it, but later switched to LCD due to production shortages at Samsung in 2010. No other display...
 ended SOON?  It's just the beginning.. 
 Welcome to Dilger's spinzone.   While I question the cause of the YoY decrease (-3.3%), this is still one of Samsung's most profitable quarters in their history.  But didn't we expect their sales to slow in the pre-release quarter?  II thought it was bizarre Samsung somehow managed 7 consecutive QoQ growth in 2012 and 2013. Samsung is on track to match or surpass Apple's profit in 2Q and 3Q of this year with their S5 release.
 Are you a IP lawyer or a real-estate lawyer?
 Lucy Koh is already in Apple's pocket.
 @sessamoid: Yes, Apple's main contribution in that joint venture was, however, mostly financial.  When Steve Jobs came back, he sold off non-essential business units to save money and gradually sold its entire share of ARM between 1998 and 2004.
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