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 Well, if you are referring to Samsung's US attack ads, they should probably continue with that ad campaign.  According to the same WJS article, Samsung's S5 sales in the US market is actually up!  There is zero evidence that they are being squeezed by Apple though.
another unsubstantiated creative writing from DED.
 That must be why DED writes about Samsung and Samsung phones obsessively. LOL
 @sog35 : Sure, unlike you, I'm not a psychic.  I draw conclusions only based on what is announced, surveyed or reported, plus my decades of technical training and industry experience -- which includes two tech start-ups by former Apple employees.  Sure, Apple and Samsung are competitors in the premium market segment, but, again, Dilger and you failed to produce any evidence that Apple is indeed squeezing Samsung's high-end business.
 1) Sure, and you still don't have any data to back up your nonsensical batsh*t claims. 2) Any survey, research data -- and it includes IDC stats you cited as your primary source earlier, quite hypocritically -- by analysts are far superior to whatever you and Dilger frequently pull out of your asses.   3) not quite sure what you are trying to prove with the Jan 2013 Samsung announcement.  Samsung announced that they sold more than 100 M units sales between June, 2010 and...
 1) Sure, Samsung makes ads/commercials in all markets, including China.  Samsung spends well over $10B in marketing and ads.  Samsung didn't have to bash lesser competitors, just in the same way Apple attacked MS (eg, "Get a Mac" campaign), but not Moto. 2) Go read Samsung's annual statement from 2013 where they clearly warned about growing threats from the Chinese competitors and declining sales. They never made such warning about Apple. 3) No disputing that Xiaomi is a...
 1) Sure, you have no data to back up your claim.  You have absolute no data that show Samsung's premium unit sales and, further your stat is completely wrong.  According to Morgan Stanley Research, Samsung sold about 130M Galaxy Premium models in 2013.  Localytics likewise reported that slightly less than half of Samsung's smartphones are their marquee Galaxy S models, excluding the Note lines (early 2014).  2) Let's borrow your SIMPLETON fanboi logic from the second...
 Wrong, wrong, wrong -- as usual.  (bloomberg)   There is no evidence that Samsung's Galaxy sales in NA declined (by its main competitor Apple).  There is however strong evidence that Samsung's high-end sales is wiped out in China by its domestic competitors Xiaomi, Huawei, and Lenovo so far in 2014. 
As usual, DED's Op-ED doesn't make sense.  When Jobs declared the thermonuclear war on Android in 2010,  Samsung's profit was a fraction of what it is now, in the $1B-$3B range. Samsung revenue/profit catapulted after Jobs's war declaration surpassing Apple's in 3Q 2013.  
 Sure, so how many "top 10"  or "top 100" apps are in 64bit mode today?   Hardly any I guess.   If 64-bit is so wonderful, where are all the 64-bit iOS apps?
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