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 Wrong. Samsung is one of the largest communication patent holders in the world -- their LTE patents alone number in 1000+ with 100+ seminal patents.  Samsung's patents are either widely licensed at affordable rate as essential patents or primarily as defense patents.  
 Why would a highly-centralized company who couldn't care less about its largest customer's patents, all of sudden, find itself so worried about separation between different divisions?  (note the key word "highly-centralized").   why do you want to believe so badly that Apple's move was a surprise or that Apple did something that was technically impossible, difficult or innovative? No. you are absolutely right, Samsung isn't stupid -- of course, they knew Apple was working...
 Sure, the S4 was released and its sales peaked in June quarter, but there has been virtually no change since May.  Apple frequently records significant QoQ sales drop after new iPhone is released.  For instance, after the 4S release in 1Q 2012, the iPhone sales plummeted by -5.34% and -25.77 the next two quarters; again by -21.75% (2Q 2013)  and -16.04% (3Q 2013)  after the 5 release in 4Q 2012,  Samsung reportedly sold some 1 million Galaxy lines in Japan -- that's a...
 There doesn't seem to be any evidence to support your hypothesis.  If Counterpoint Research has it right, it's Japanese smartphone makers who are hurt the most by Apple's new iPhones.  Samsung's overall sales/marketshare in Japan was never that significant to warrant a "crisis awareness meeting."    
 Sure, Apple is a total stranger to benchmark cheating : http://www.theregister.co.uk/2003/06/24/apple_accused_of_cheating_over/ written by the same author.
does IDC keep track of total smartphones not subsidized by mobile operators?
 Are you saying that Microsoft is paying Apple $30/phone & $40/tablet to Apple?
 Sure, do you have any data to back up your claims?  Considering Samsung doesn't publish their sales/shipment unit, like Dilger, you seem to be pulling numbers out of your a**.
 Do you consider Apple's acquisition of Intrinsity & PA-semi as a business strategy or tactic?
 I don't think this suit has much to do with Android.   If you look at the patents listed, they are all  "search" and "ads" related patents.  I still don't understand how Samsung made to the headline. 
New Posts  All Forums: