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  Well, yesterday's hearing on capital hill didn't say much.    You pay taxes on profit, not on revenue. In 2012, Samsung paid $4B in gov't taxes & dues on $16 profit (or about 25% -- slightly below South Korean national average of 30%).  See Samsung's 2012 financial statement or 2012 sustainability report.
  If Apple's lawsuits are indeed about principle, why isn't Apple after Google, not Samsung?
  Not really..   HTC, Sony and other Android manufacturer's achieved the level of sales / profit Samsung did.    Sure, how can the American press favor a US company that funnels' most of its profit to oversea subsidiaries and employee slave-wage laborers (cough*)?  ;)
    The court document revealed Samsung 2010 US sales only. *yawn*
not sure why this is news worthy.  I mean, did anyone drown and die?
  According to Samsung's sustainability 2012 report[1], their taxes & due was 4.256T (KRW) and 16T in profit. So that's around 25+%.   Apple on the other hand paid $6B (USD) in taxes on $41.7B profit or 14% in the 2012 fiscal year.  I think the NYT once claimed that Apple's effective rate was 9.x% for 2011.     [1] http://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/sustainability/sustainabilityreports/download/2012/2012_Facts_and_Figures_FINAL.pdf
    because Apple's order accounts for as much as 70% of Foxconn's entire production?
  So is the price of the iPhone5 cheaper in Australia because of overstuff channels there too?
  Excellent points.  I'm not too crazy about the look of the tablet, but I'd much rather have a large table with cellular service than a small phone with tiny web browser/email reader/etc.
    Well, you should be impressed, considering that most of Samsung Electronic's profit now comes from Samsung Mobile -- the same is true for Apple; the lion share of Apple's sales also comes from their iPhone sales.  Samsung's CE and DP?  Not so much.     * Samsung Mobile's $5.4B profit in 4Q 2012 accounts for 62% of Samsung Electronic's profit.  And furthermore,   Quarters  IM Sales IM Profit Samsung total Sales Samsung total Profit IM...
New Posts  All Forums: