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  Well, if you read the AP article carefully, the "Kill Taiwan" rumor comes from a Taiwan's business magazine:    "... Business Today, Taiwan's top business magazine, gave voice to those fears last month with an extensive cover story accusing Samsung Electronics of launching a 'Kill Taiwan' effort ..."   ok, I think this thread is now dead.  bye.
  It's well known here that Samsung did most of design and implementation of Apple's early APs (A4 & A5 notably), while Apple's technical contribution was quite minimal until the A6.  It's also been discussed several times that Apple stole Samsung's technical / business partners like Intrinsity to build Apple's own ARM expertise in 2010.    There is nothing to retract - everyone here knows that when Jobs returned back in 1997, he gutted non-essential, non-money-making...
  Where is your evidence that Apple paid anything in advance to help Samsung deliver? 
  Did Apple patent that too?
copying Samsung's S-health?
just wait and see.
  Well, Appleinsider is not a "real" news website.
  ever heard of Newton?
  ever heard of Palm or Blackberry?
Hooray!!  More manufacturing jobs       in China!!!
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