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  ever heard of Palm or Blackberry?
Hooray!!  More manufacturing jobs       in China!!!
  Apple's Ax chips are already made in Samsung's Austin Semiconductor plants in Texas.
this appleinsider comment system is annoying..  disqus.com
    Ever heard of Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act of 2012, which strongly favors Apple, introduced by Patrick Leahy right before the trial last August and signed into law by Obama in December?   Who can blame Samsung?  Who knows what Al Gore or any other Apple's allies in DC are working on next?
  why?  Nokia is in bed with Microsoft and Microsoft with Apple.  Microsoft's friend is Apple's friend. 
  Faisal's version (below) requires a goggles with cheap sensors (cameras).  Not sure how Samsung's version would turn out, but I'm guessing the tech is a bit too early for mass consumption (beta?) and the target audience for eye tracking/scrolling/etc extremely small.  Most users won't constantly use the feature to use their S4, so I don't think battery life is going to be a show stopper.   
  Yep.  The judgement amount will be further reduced in the court of appeal, to less than $100M and, who knows, maybe the appeal court judge will also uphold some of Samsung's patents infringement claim.
    sounds like Mannheim & Dusseldorf.
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