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does IDC keep track of total smartphones not subsidized by mobile operators?
 Are you saying that Microsoft is paying Apple $30/phone & $40/tablet to Apple?
 Sure, do you have any data to back up your claims?  Considering Samsung doesn't publish their sales/shipment unit, like Dilger, you seem to be pulling numbers out of your a**.
 Do you consider Apple's acquisition of Intrinsity & PA-semi as a business strategy or tactic?
 I don't think this suit has much to do with Android.   If you look at the patents listed, they are all  "search" and "ads" related patents.  I still don't understand how Samsung made to the headline. 
Rockstar is a patent holding non-practicing entity (NPE) -- and the suit was filed in the Eastern District of Texas, the patent troll capital of the world.  Nice!  I'm pretty sure there will be similar lawsuits coming to the Dusseldorf / Mannheim courts of Germany -- the paten troll capital of EU!  LOL!!   Well, now we could officially call Apple a proud parent of a "patent troll."   Now, I don't see Samsung named in the complaint, anybody know what's going on here?...
revolving door much? what's new?  I guess this explains Obama's last ITC veto.   Horay! American corporatism!   Vice President, Worldwide Government Affairs Apple Inc Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Executive Office of the President of the United States 1991 – 2005 (14 years) Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Office of the U.S. Trade Representative 1991 – 2005 (14 years) Assistant US Trade Representative USTR 1991 – 2005 (14 years) Attorney...
 It's one thing to report *insider* rumors, but it's a completely another matter to start *outsider* "rumors" by deliberately misrepresenting/spinning as DED does a bit too often.  Just look at all those poor confused fanboys whose heads are about to blow up.
 Well, hate to be pedantic, but Apple's iOS is still BSD-based, which has been around longer than Linux.  Linux was started by Linus Tovalds in part to fill the void created by AT&T's lawsuit against BSDi & UC.  Yes, but both are heavily based on FOSS; not created in isolation as some fanboys seem to believe.
 Apple has been cutting back on display, memory orders from Samsung.  It's just that Apple doesn't have much of a choice when it comes to choosing a fab supplier.  So much for looking past the sentiment.. 
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