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  That's because Samsung is no longer making/selling the infringed models (and I believe Koh is not yet done making adjustment to the $1B judgement) . If Apple wins the appeal, Apple would get to collect $1B, plus interest.  
  Apple who initiated the lawsuit also destroyed email evidence. The Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal granted the adverse jury instruction against Samsung when Apple filed the email spoilation charges, but when Samsung filed the same motion against Apple, Grewal denied Samsung's motion stating the filing missed the *tentative* deadline, one day after Apple'd filed theirs.   Needlessly to say, this was an embarrassment to Grewal who clearly exhibited bias against Samsung. Koh...
    Why not?  Samsung manufactures memory chips and Apple's Ax processors down in Austin, Texas.  In fact, Samsung Austin Semiconductor has been around since 1997 and has invested over $12B in that area so far. 
    top notch quality?  Did you even read the article? There are already quality control issues with larger displays according to Jeffrey's report.    Also, doesn't Samsung control something like 95+% of the AMOLED market?
  Is there any way to block Appleinsider moderators?
  Well, there are already plenty of scholarship/grants (jobs upon graduation) for those who want to study math/science/engineering now, but many Americans still shy away from hard subjects.
    hold your pants.  just wait it it hits $450.
hard numbers please.
right..  because AT&T is the only wireless carrier in the world..  LOL
  Well, that's a mouthful of BS.   Firstly, Eisenhower was a fiscal conservative.  After the WW2 (and the Korean war), while the highest tax bracket remained high, Eisenhower aggressively cut gov't spending against liberals', "the spenders", dire warning that the economy would relapse back into depression. As the gov't spending was cut, private demand / consumption grew. Throughout the 50's, the economy remained strong & inflation low, so much so that W. Martin created...
New Posts  All Forums: