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Umm..  so how exactly do riders get real-time location update underground?     it's not NYT, it's WSJ. 
  That's why Apple is Samsung's #1 customer. 
  Apple should hire him away.
  This might also explain the huge increase in Apple's CapEx in recent quarters (first time outspending Intel, but not Samsung).     
  what incentive is there for China mobile to be competitive?  All three major mobile operators are state-owned.
    No, you are wrong as usual.  That's Nokia. 
  Why?  The US is Apple's only dominant market; Samsung is winning pretty much everywhere else.
  But that has nothing to do with Samsung's manufacturing capacity. Samsung buys Qualcomm's snapdragon SoC's for US LTE only.  Most of Samsung devices use Samsung's own Exynos SoC's.  And let's not forget, Qualcomm contracted Samsung to produce the S4 when TSMC couldn't keep up with Qualcomm's demand. Samsung is now also producing the S4 SoCs.  
  ROLF?  Of course, Samsung customized and produced their hummingbird SoC (aka, A4) for Apple used in earlier iDevices, while Apple twiddled their thumbs.  Furthermore, Samsung was already growing by leaps and bounds without Apple - in fact, by 2010, Samsung was almost twice as big as Sony (or most of its Japanese competitor) all without Apple's so-called generous patronage. In fact, Sony was Samsung's customer #1. Apple was in the top 10 for the most of the past decade. 
    or (I couldn't help it   ).  
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