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  can you name any other court that sided with Apple on anything (especially against Samsung)?
  Yes, and Samsung is also one of the few (I can't really think of anyone at the moment) that can mass produce in quantities that Apple wants.  Samsung also make 97% of all AMOLED manufactured worldwide. 
Has Apple won any lawsuit elsewhere, other than the infamous Dusseldorf court in Germany - aka, the Eastern District of Europe ?
  I don't see how this makes any sense.   A lot of US companies, including Apple and GM, now make more money from oversea sales than US domestic sales.  I don't see why/how bringing back cheap menial wage jobs would help.   Why would you want to promote "great secrecy"?  
  Well, that would be nice..  The US dollar as the world's reserve currency without the US military to back it up? 
  I agree that the US should cut its oversea military spending, but I just don't see how these two are related..  
  Not sure why we are paying so much attention to the KoreaTimes.   It seems like they are making up sh*t a bit too often..   Not too long after Galaxy S2 was released in the US, the Koreatimes announced that Samsung was to releases Samsung's flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 in March of next year - which was quickly denied by Samsung.   There was also another embarrassing report about Putin's daughter marrying a son of South Korean admiral, which for a short while had...
  Actually neither of you have any idea what you are talking about.  Samsung was not a small mom-and-pop shop near Busan, South Korea in 1999.  Samsung was already a huge conglomerate, though not as big as Sony back then, many times bigger than Apple in terms of sales, profit, employees, etc, etc.  To claim that Apple's puny $100M investment somehow changed Samsung is not even laughable.    Of course, there was (and is) no such firewall.  There are well over 100 Samsung...
  I think Sony Mobile Display is still in business - in fact, it is now part of Japan Display LTD.   HTC is moving from Samsung because of the AMOLED shortages (caused by the growing internal demand from Samsung Mobile). 
  Well, they couldn't compete with Samsung when they were financially better off back in the 90's.  Why are they going to all of sudden make *better* products now?   Everyone in the display business is losing money - except for Samsung.  Everyone in the semi business (memory) is losing money - except Samsung and Toshiba.  
New Posts  All Forums: