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    because Apple's order accounts for as much as 70% of Foxconn's entire production?
  So is the price of the iPhone5 cheaper in Australia because of overstuff channels there too?
  Excellent points.  I'm not too crazy about the look of the tablet, but I'd much rather have a large table with cellular service than a small phone with tiny web browser/email reader/etc.
    Well, you should be impressed, considering that most of Samsung Electronic's profit now comes from Samsung Mobile -- the same is true for Apple; the lion share of Apple's sales also comes from their iPhone sales.  Samsung's CE and DP?  Not so much.     * Samsung Mobile's $5.4B profit in 4Q 2012 accounts for 62% of Samsung Electronic's profit.  And furthermore,   Quarters  IM Sales IM Profit Samsung total Sales Samsung total Profit IM...
  Well, the point here is that Samsung's revenue/profit growth rate driven largely by their mobile devices sales is greater than Apple's. Take for instance Samsung's last quarter result, Samsung Mobile's (IM) profit grew from $2.5B in 4Q 2011 to $5.4B in 4Q 2012.  Samsung's least profitable divisions like CE (Consumer Electronics) has never been a major profit center -- and likewise its Q4 2012 profit was $0.74B.
  Samsung is really killing Apple..   According to Samsung's pre-earning guidance [1], Samsung's profit is up 50+% YOY or around $7+B for Q1 2013, narrowing the profit gap between the two companies.   Apple 2Q iPhone yoy shipment growth is record low. I'm guessing that Q3 iPhone shipment will be even worse since the 5S is expected to be out in Q4 of 2013.      Quarters Unit Shipped QOQ (%) YOY...
  Well, if you read the AP article carefully, the "Kill Taiwan" rumor comes from a Taiwan's business magazine:    "... Business Today, Taiwan's top business magazine, gave voice to those fears last month with an extensive cover story accusing Samsung Electronics of launching a 'Kill Taiwan' effort ..."   ok, I think this thread is now dead.  bye.
  It's well known here that Samsung did most of design and implementation of Apple's early APs (A4 & A5 notably), while Apple's technical contribution was quite minimal until the A6.  It's also been discussed several times that Apple stole Samsung's technical / business partners like Intrinsity to build Apple's own ARM expertise in 2010.    There is nothing to retract - everyone here knows that when Jobs returned back in 1997, he gutted non-essential, non-money-making...
  Where is your evidence that Apple paid anything in advance to help Samsung deliver? 
  Did Apple patent that too?
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