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  excellent point.  I'm pretty sure that all SONY LCD TVs were in fact manufactured by Samsung until very recently. 
  And Samsung would be #1 smartphone maker in the US -- just like China. 
  Well, Samsung has been making mobile phones for at least two decades now, smartphone for almost a decade. So Samsung should have stuck to making their own phones while Apple  should have just stuck to making pretty Mac's, is that what you are saying?   Samsung didn't make the photo gallery scrolling feature in Android, but that didn't stop Apple from taking Samsung to courts, right?   I agree, I think Apple should be banned from selling mobile devices that competes with...
  Please let's not go down this road.  There are cheaters, liars, criminals in every ethnic groups. 
  I think you are technically correct that the whole point of Exynos Octa Big.Little design is to optimize performance/power consumption on mobile devices.  In that spirit, this benchmarkboost is all legit, but Samsung should have made it all public.  It's petty, but still unethical.   At the same time, Samsung never promised "twice as fast or half the price" (eg, remember iPhone's 3G marketing campaign) or failed to deliver (eg, -- *ahem*  *cough* *cough* -- Apple's...
Just let them bark for a while.  They are in the "denial" phase of the five stage of grief -- their grief will be manifestated in anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance as Samsung's rising profit triumphs Apple declining profit.    Apple 4Q is going to suffer further decline in anticipation of new product release in 1Q 2014.
  Nope, it doesn't matter.  FRAND doesn't mean Apple doesn't have to pay anything and all parties must continue negotiating in good faith. Likewise the ITC judges found Apple was not simply willing to negotiate.  This is the right recourse for arrogant companies like Apple who thinks it can prevail in the US because it's Apple's hometown court. 
  Wonder if VZ came out opposing the ITC ban when Apple banned HTC smartphones (ie, slide-to-unlock)?   I understand VZ's position, but I'm afraid VS's plea would have no effect.
  Well, isn't Apple supposed to be "transparent"?   After all, Apple is the only company willing to share their "sales/sold" numbers with their customers.  (/s)   Making cheaper device is not in Apple's DNA?  Ever heard of iPod mini? nano, perhaps?   I think 47% quarterly profit (YoY) is pretty awesome -- that's another (sixth) consecutive quarter of record profit --, but Samsung is deservedly getting pounded for setting investors' expectation too high -- 500 million...
  Oh, like you mean Samsung's 8 consecutive record profit quarters?
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