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  Nope, it doesn't matter.  FRAND doesn't mean Apple doesn't have to pay anything and all parties must continue negotiating in good faith. Likewise the ITC judges found Apple was not simply willing to negotiate.  This is the right recourse for arrogant companies like Apple who thinks it can prevail in the US because it's Apple's hometown court. 
  Wonder if VZ came out opposing the ITC ban when Apple banned HTC smartphones (ie, slide-to-unlock)?   I understand VZ's position, but I'm afraid VS's plea would have no effect.
  Well, isn't Apple supposed to be "transparent"?   After all, Apple is the only company willing to share their "sales/sold" numbers with their customers.  (/s)   Making cheaper device is not in Apple's DNA?  Ever heard of iPod mini? nano, perhaps?   I think 47% quarterly profit (YoY) is pretty awesome -- that's another (sixth) consecutive quarter of record profit --, but Samsung is deservedly getting pounded for setting investors' expectation too high -- 500 million...
  Oh, like you mean Samsung's 8 consecutive record profit quarters?
  For those who can't read Korean, look at the very next row where the same National Customer Satisfaction Index ranks Samsung the highest in the smartphone category.   ... TabletPC       Apple     74   73  +1.4  73 Smartphone    Samsung Electronics   73   73  0  72 ...   You can't just pick and choose selectively...
  LOL..   poor people make poor choices?  
    They all look the same from 30 feet .
    Well, component shortage isn't quite unheard of in this industry.  I'm not sure how you are extrapolating so much detail from Tong's vague statement, but what is his evidence that Samsung "strategically declined to provide it with crucial parts for years"?  IIRC, back in 2010, Samsung was pretty much the only one making AMOLED displays in volume due to technical difficulties in manufacturing -- Samsung still has 95+% AMOLED marketshare in 2013.   And why did HTC wait...
  speaking of insider information, is Apple still on with Global Foundry in update NY?
  Dadoria2 sounds just about right. I also attend the largest private university the US and work for a large city agency in NYC. There used to be a lot of iPhones and MacBook's until last year -- when I spotted fewer than half a dozen S2's in wilderness -- but so much changed since about the same time Dadoria2 noticed the Galaxy invasion. At work, it used to be all Blackberries; now our new CIO is a Apple fan and IT supports Apple iDevices only.    I also get asked a lot...
New Posts  All Forums: