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  Unfortunately neither of them require the kind of resources and money that US needed to fight the World War 2.  Today's defense spending likewise is less than 25% of the entire federal budget. 
  Not sure what your point is..  Back then about 75% of all the federal spending went to the DOD - paying for millions of troops stationed all over the Europe and Asia.   Furthermore, unlike now, the country had a fiscal conservative, Eisenhower, constantly fighting to cut gov't spending (vs. "the spender").
  Clinton had a surplus - which ironically still added the growing national debt. The last time there was a true reduction in the national debt was in 1957 during Eisenhower administration - known for his spending cuts.    No, honey, ever heard of the dot com bubble Bush inherited from Clinton?  Bush's tax cut applied to everyone, not just the rich. Bush tax cuts while it lasted contributed to the all the jobs created during housing crisis (to use your crazy logic that...
  I'm buying 200 @$450.   If M. Faber is right, the market will go down another 10% or so.  It's nothing more than shaking out weak hands.
  Without Samsung, there might have not been Apple's first iPhone. 
  You just haven't seen all those annoying tourists taking photos with their full-size iPads around NYC. 
  sad, but true..   
  and now the one of the largest electronic companies in the world.    No, Samsung is many years ahead when it comes to manufacturing anything.    Samsung has been making IT components for almost three decades nows.   Well, let's see Mac OS X is largely based on BSD + Mach Kernel.  So you like Microsoft?   The Korean peninsula would have been unified under Kim Il Song if it hadn't been for the US.  Furthermore, the US didn't rebuilt the country - and most US historians /...
  If it hadn't been for the US, the country would have been unified back in the 50's. 
  Ok. I know this is not a Samsung thread, but 1,400 Galaxy Note 2 stolen in Malaysia   http://www.zdnet.com/my/malaysia-arrests-12-for-heist-of-1400-galaxy-note-2-devices-7000006647/
New Posts  All Forums: