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 Wrong, wrong, wrong -- as usual.  (bloomberg)   There is no evidence that Samsung's Galaxy sales in NA declined (by its main competitor Apple).  There is however strong evidence that Samsung's high-end sales is wiped out in China by its domestic competitors Xiaomi, Huawei, and Lenovo so far in 2014. 
As usual, DED's Op-ED doesn't make sense.  When Jobs declared the thermonuclear war on Android in 2010,  Samsung's profit was a fraction of what it is now, in the $1B-$3B range. Samsung revenue/profit catapulted after Jobs's war declaration surpassing Apple's in 3Q 2013.  
 Sure, so how many "top 10"  or "top 100" apps are in 64bit mode today?   Hardly any I guess.   If 64-bit is so wonderful, where are all the 64-bit iOS apps?
Didn't Apple just settle a similar lawsuit for MacBook Pro 2010's graphics/logic board issues recently ?   I had similar issues with MacBook Pro 15" Retina mid-2012 with frequent crashes -- ended up paying $310 to replace the nVidia graphics card early this year. 
 Sure, so how many top iOS apps are running in 64 bit mode today?
 Well, I'm not sure why Apple wants to inherit a supplier who can't deliver.  I'm speculating that the GT tech probably over-promised and over-extended and now using their jail-free card to avoid paying back whatever they owe to Apple.  I wish I had shorted GTAT..  Now, is LiquidMetal also a public company?
Can anyone explain to me why web/javascript benchmarks are "a relatively useful proxy for CPU performance"?   I just ran Octane, SunSpider, Kraken on my rMacBook (mid-2012) :      Octane SunSpider 1.0.2 Kraken 1.1 Safari 8 20853 189.1 2176.3 Firefox 32 20718 195.2 1156 Chrome 37 24530 190.3 1515.4 delta(min,max) % 18.40 3.23 88.26   These are clearly not designed to be...
 The US Code Title 35 § 173 has been recently amended and is now 15 years. "Patents for designs shall be granted for the term of fourteen years from the date of grant." And according to the Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act of 2012:   "(7) in section 173, by striking fourteen years and inserting 15 years;" The Patent Law Treaties Act was introduced by Senator Leahy at the very onset of the first Samsung vs Apple trial in August of 2012 and signed into law by Obama in...
 Not really, Samsung said only a third of Samsung's worldwide smartphones sales are premium devices, not just in the US.  Sure, the US is the largest market for some, but not necessarily the largest in terms of unit sales for Samsung. It's fair to assume that most low and mid end devices end up places like China and India; most high-end / premium phones in the more developed market like the US/UK/Germany. I further cited a research by Chitika  indicating that over 80% of...
 @TheWhiteFalcon:  That's pretty odd.   Samsung released their new flagship in April 2014.  According to this research ending in May 2013 (or 1 month since the release), Samsung gained 0.8% and Apple 0.6%. Apple released their last flagship in Sep 2013. According to the same research ending in Oct 2013 (or 1 month since the release), Samsung gained 1.2% and Apple 0.2%.   And Samsung was running on phones that were several months old and surpassed Apple's gain.  Ok, so your...
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