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  sad, but true..   
  and now the one of the largest electronic companies in the world.    No, Samsung is many years ahead when it comes to manufacturing anything.    Samsung has been making IT components for almost three decades nows.   Well, let's see Mac OS X is largely based on BSD + Mach Kernel.  So you like Microsoft?   The Korean peninsula would have been unified under Kim Il Song if it hadn't been for the US.  Furthermore, the US didn't rebuilt the country - and most US historians /...
  If it hadn't been for the US, the country would have been unified back in the 50's. 
  Ok. I know this is not a Samsung thread, but 1,400 Galaxy Note 2 stolen in Malaysia   http://www.zdnet.com/my/malaysia-arrests-12-for-heist-of-1400-galaxy-note-2-devices-7000006647/
  Sure, the California trial was a wake-up call.  I just couldn't believe that Samsung was still open to cross-licensing until the very last moment and hoping to come amicable terms with Apple, one of their largest clients.     Nope, unlike Apple, Samsung is not generally known as a vexatious litigant in the industry.  Whereas Samsung's survival very much depends on their manufacturing and technology (they couldn't care less about branding, so long as they get paid),...
There is more than one way to transport nuclear bombs.  In any case, this simply won't happen. 
  I believe this is a counter-suit.  LG is under a lot of pressure lately, having fallen behind Samsung in many crucial areas like display, nand, dram manufacturing and mobile biz.  Just early this year, LG was also accused of stealing AMOLED manufacturing technologies from Samsung (ie, corporate espionage). 
  wishful thinking.   Well, nobody doubts the South is going to win - the North is pretty much all by itself now.  Even their biggest allies Russia and PRC  have been warming up to South Korea in recent years (there was even a rumor that Putin's daughter was to marry a son of SK's admiral a few years back).  It's just that the casualty would be catastrophic regardless of the South's victory.  Furthermore, the North might drop a couple of nuclear bombs in the US coastal...
  Well, the South Korean gov't let Daewoo, a much larger conglomerate back in late 1990's, go under.  Samsung is also 50+% owned by foreigners. 
They are barely able to keep up with the current demand. Qualcomm recently contracted Samsung b/c of the supply shortage at TSMC.
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