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  ROFL!!  Well, pathetic, but nice try. You fanboys really sound desperate. ROFL!!   Of course, $150B includes all Samsung mobile, semi sales as well as oversea sales by its foreign subsidiaries - that's what "consolidated" means.  That's precisely why I stated "Apple' share of Samsung Electronic's overall Sales is still less than 8%."   Whether Apple buys microwaves from Samsung's home appliance division or not is immaterial.    try harder.   Apple fanboys not too bright   
  EricTheHalfBee:     go to Samsung Electronics' investor relations and look up 2011 annual report.  Is that so hard to do?   Samsung Electronics and Consolidated Business 2011 income (sales) : 165,002B KRW or around $150B USD   hate to disappoint you - Apple may be a big consumer electronic giant now, but the world doesn't evolve around Apple. 
  let's all thank Samsung / Intrinsity.  thanx for reinforcing my point about Apple being a marketing/design company, not a technology shop.  
  so where was Apple's R&D and their superior chip design expertise in A4 and A5?  
    ROFL!!  Firstly, Apple' share of Samsung Electronic's overall Sales is still less than 8% - and Apple wasn't even Samsung's largest customer until last year (Sony #1).  Even if you combine all the sales from Apple last several years, it couldn't still pay for Samsung's capital expenditure for 2012 or $41B.  Samsung and other South Korean component makers like Hynix and LG have been well "out in front" in semiconductor/display business since the 90's and it has very...
  LOL!!  Oh, you mean Intrinsity?  Of course, Samsung couldn't have possibly produce its own ARM based chips without it. LOL!!   So much for Apple's superior knowledge of the ARM arch.. 
  That must have been why Apple had to rely on Samsung designed / manufactured Hummingbird (tweaked for Apple) for earlier iPhones and iPod..  all because Apple knew too much.. LOL!!
  Why would Samsung want to reverse engineer anything technology from Apple? 
  Nope. Samsung mobile's profit is now greater than all other divisions profit combined.  Samsung's semi profit margin was never all that great - Samsung is certainly making a killing in mobile business. Also remember Apple is a bargain hunter - Samsung is much better off without Apple.
  Hm... why am I not amused that the quote came from macrumors.com?  *yawn*   “This is a product that, at most, captured 0.5 percent of the market,” Quinn said. “Nothing in the record here would support a finding of irreparable harm” to Apple. -- Bloomberg -- 
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