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  Apple pays $17 for A6 (iPhone 5) and $23 for A6x.  Apple purchased 130+M Ax processors, and 200M this year.   That's about $800M more per year.  
  Well, the vast majority you speak of work at Apple retail stores making pittance in wages.  Apple's engineering teams don't employee tens of thousands of engineers; Jon Ive's own design group employs only a handful of designers (fewer than a dozen, I believe).    Nope, that's a complete red herring.  I don't think too many people here think Apple should bring back low-wage, low-skilled menial jobs back to the US (assembly - well, unless you are one of those pro-union...
  well, because they are not made by Apple?  It's Samsung's made-in-USA chips.  In fact, Samsung's maintained a multi-billion dollar chip manufacturing complex in Austin, Texas for at least two decades now.   It's funny, nobody here thinks Apple should take the blame for Foxconn's labor abuses, yet when it comes to taking credit for employing American workers, or anything made in USA ...   
  time for a tin-foil hat?
  From what I recently read, all of 200+K Samsung employees will receive cash bonus as Samsung expects $25B profit this year.    http://www.inquisitr.com/354318/samsung-reports-7-3-billion-quarterly-profit/ http://nwww.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20100126000040   Not sure if there is such cash incentive at Apple. 
  not sure how that works.  How does that benefit American workers at Samsung in Austin, TX?  The price hikes doesn't mean more jobs or higher wages for those workers. 
Chosun Ilbo is not exactly like the KoreaTimes.com   The report claims that they verified the source - unlike the Koreatime.com citing some dubious unnamed Samsung executive. 
no more volume discount for Apple?
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