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  Hm.. I thought spec / benchmarks don't matter for you Apple people?
  Oh my. it looks like Braun T3 Radio.  It's difficult to tell them apart. 
  so?  Well, the point here isn't that Samsung wants to ban Apple products. Their goal is to either force Apple to cross-license or drop the on-going lawsuits altogether.  It's a defensive move.
  Well, that must be why Apple's share of Samsung's annual sales is going up significantly from $7B in 2011 to $12B in 2012.  Yeah, because Apple is slowly removing Samsung from its supply chain.
  Well, dunno.  Most of my employer's profit goes to my fat bonus every year; my employer doesn't like wasting money on R&D or marketing.  There are quite a few of PhDs at work - my manager is real picky about schools - but most of them are quants though.    If you are asking about Samsung, yes, I sometimes do wonder why tech innovators like Xerox Parc, IBM, Sony suck at marketing / commercializing their own innovation.   Now, do you have anything important to say about...
  Well, not sure if that's the case.  Samsung already spends far more than Apple on R&D and is #2 in patents granted in the US (or worldwide).  It's just that Samsung doesn't have that kind of "marketing" clout that Apple yields in this country.  That isn't to say Samsung doesn't copy; it does, just in the same way Apple copies.   I don't think Samsung is going to lose Apple's business either, Apple's share of Samsung Electronic's annual sales went up significantly since...
I thought Samsung Electronics is sitting on a $25+B cash pile.
  Congratulation!  Your first comment!  LOL!!
  Actually, no.  A4 was more or less all based on Samsung's hummingbird design.  Apple later acquired Intrinsity, Samsung's partner who helped improve Hummingbird's performance, in 2010 to build its own in-house development team.   dunno anything about A6 since iPhone 5 is not out yet.  I think everyone is speculating at this point, but there was an AI article stating that A6 could be Apple's FIRST custom design.
New Posts  All Forums: