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no more volume discount for Apple?
  For the legal precedent, go read Taniwha's comment #15.     For everything else, http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2012/1339.html
  No, not really. LG, Samsung, Hyundai they are all the same.   That anti-Samsung piece is a bit misleading in that it lacks the political, historical context.. 
  I think Judge Birss said he has an iPad.   ... So this case is all about, and only about, Apple's registered design and the Samsung products. The registered design is not the same as the design of the iPad. It is quite a lot different. For instance the iPad is a lot thinner, and has noticeably different curves on its sides. There may be other differences - even though I own one, I have not made a detailed comparison. Whether the iPad would fall within the scope of...
  but Samsung was never sanctioned for "lack of integrity."    As for $1B, I guess Samsung's recent 20% price hike on Apple's Ax processors would make up for the loss in no time.
    The article says the contract doesn't expire until 2014 - Samsung can't just arbitrarily raise the price when it's already set in stone.  I am guessing the marketwatch.com is really saying that Samsung is no longer offering volume discount for Apple, effectively raising the price of Ax processors by 20%.    This is no news though.  Didn't Samsung also raise the prices of NAND/DRAM - the main reason for which Apple contracted inferior component makers like Hynix, LG,...
  1) There is much to be said about judge Paul Grewal & Koh's integrity.  You just need to look at the number of Samsung's evidence / expert witness denied vs. Apple's; or artificial deadlines set up for Samsung vs. Apple's.     2) The case was never about the iPad (see #22) or any Apple products.  Period.  Therefore, the infamous "cool" comment had no place in the first notice (neither did the US case in August or the Dusseldorf case). 
  1) Well, except that the injunction in Germany had nothing to do with infringement.  Apple's injunction in Germany was based on Germany's esoteric "unfair competition" law.  Judge Birss acknowledged this in this decision:    ...  In Germany the first instance court in Düsseldorf held that the Galaxy tablets infringed the design but on appeal the Düsseldorf Court of Appeal decided there was no infringement. However the German court did grant an injunction on the Samsung...
New Posts  All Forums: