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    Hmmm.. $640/share sounds a bit too high.  I sold all my shares at $620, but will buy more @$450.    Well, the stock price doubled from Nov 2011 to Sept, 2012, I think that alone is a good reason to expect a correction.    Their tablet market share just dropped from 65% to 50% from previous quarter, according to WSJ (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203347104578103000176188528.html?mod=googlenews_wsj).  While iPad mini and iPhone 5 are selling well, user...
  sounds like my MacBook Pro Retina 15" I just bought (less than a month ago)..   Spent the first two weeks troubleshooting Wifi/Bluetooth prob (which, otw, is all over the web and Apple hasn't fixed), now it crashes every 3-4 days.    Well, I'm not running NASA's Mars Curiosity mission control center or anything, but I try to be brand neutral. To me MacBook Pro Retina is a junk. I guess nothing is perfect. 
  I guess, I should expect TS to remove this post as well?
  Actually they are.  If you haven't yet heard, Samsung Electronic's profit is up almost 100% yoy, in large part, thx to GS III.   LOL!  You are confused. Samsung's largest markets are Europe and Asia, then followed by the American continents. Nokia's main customers basis is in Africa & Latin America.   "..  Hit-or-miss technology industry publication DigiTimes, which is known for having a spotty track record with respect to anonymous sources,.. "   LOL!!
  Non-discriminatory means Moto can't discriminate who can access their patents - and must be open to all willing to negotiate/pay.  It says nothing about the rate at which Moto licenses their FRAND patents.  Further, "fair" and "reasonable" don't mean that all customers enjoy the same low royalty rate. 
    In this lawsuit, Apple's argument is not based on "patent exhaustion."  Apple is not denying Moto's rights to collect patent royalties.  What Apple is asking the court to do is to set a low licensing rate for Moto's FRAND patents.    I understand that Moto is being investigated by the FTC for possible anti-trust violation, but that's a completely different matter.
  No,  Infineon or Qualcomm can't dictate how much Motorola charges its own customers. 
  There are several lawsuits going on between Moto (Google) & Apple. Do you understand the difference between the plaintiff and the defendant?     Case No. 11-CV-178-bbc Hon. Barbara B. Crabb   APPLE INC., Plaintiff,           v. MOTOROLA MOBILITY, INC. Defendant.   (hint: it's' almost always the plaintiffs who initiate lawsuits).   ROFL!!  Of course, that must be why Apple is gaming the US patent system.   Duh! Apple'd better have respect for standards - after all,...
    Can you then explain why Apple asked the court to set a FRAND rate in the first place?   Yes, precisely, that's why judge Crabb tossed the lawsuit.    Apple is required to pay what everyone else pays?  why?  because you said so?  ROLF!!
  Most of Apple's LTE patents are from Nortel - and I'm pretty sure all the existing licensing agreements between Moto & Nortel are still binding.    If I understand correctly, Apple has only ONE SEP H.264 patent in the pool - most H.264 SEP patents are held by Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola (6+%), and other real tech companies.  I don't hear Apple whining about the H.264 royalty rates, so I'm guessing Samsung & Moto are being more than generous here.    It's...
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