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  http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=2012110322254380   From the judge's order:   ...Apple states that it will not commit to be bound by any FRAND rate determined by the court and will not agree to accept any license from Motorola unless the court sets a rate of $1 or less for each Apple phone....   In other words, if Apple is unsatisfied with the rate chosen by the court, it “reserves the right to refuse and proceed to further infringement litigation.” ......
  I believe GE's effective rate is about 12%..  far from "nothing". 
  try telling that to Tim Cook.  He also insists that iPad mini is not a 7" iPad.      http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57541135-37/fact-checking-tim-cook-on-7-inch-tablets-and-microsofts-surface/     The 7-inch tablets are tweeners, too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad. Cook's response was that Apple didn't make a 7-inch iPad, but rather an iPad with a display that was closer to 8 inches -- nine-tenths of an inch bigger than a 7-inche
  Samsung parts are basically much superior in terms of quality and quantity.  Apple's reduced order from Samsung apparently has nothing to do with their rivalry, more to do with Apple's penny-pinching.  Yes,  Apple is basically cutting corners now.    So we as consumers lose when Apple starts dumping inferior craps and still charge the premium for Apple's elaborate packaging.
    I think Apple approached Samsung when iPad 2's LG-made displays started having that infamous light leakage prob in early 2011.  I don't think Samsung and Apple had a lot of display business until that point.  Toshiba made tft displays for Apple's earlier iPhones.  So I don't really see where Samsung's display fits in Apple's supply chain.
  Samsung's business practice is already well-known - that's how they crushed the Japanese memory / display competitors.  I recommend that you read Sony vs. Samsung:  The Inside Story of the Electronics Giants' Battle For Global Supremacy.  Well, at least Samsung can't steal Apple's technology - since there is really nothing to steal   (duck!)   Yep, no one wants to do business with Samsung and that's why their customer base and revenue have been going up quite steadily...
  LG has been making Apple displays for a long while now (and I believe is Apple's largest display supplier) - they've been also losing a lot of money, despite Apple's huge orders.  
  eh?  got any point to make on US-Korea relation?  or Samsung-Apple?   None?  thought so  
  eh?  If it hadn't been for the US, the country would have been unified under Kim Il Sung, with much fewer dead Koreans / American soldiers.  I don't see why that's so bad?   but who know what might have happened?  Vietnam, despite the bitter war that killed millions, now trades with the US.    Development Econ 101:  also remember, unlike Nehru's Soviet-style socialistic economy that starved millions (saved by  US's intervention in India, aka "Green Revolution"), North...
New Posts  All Forums: