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  I don't think Samsung is trying to ban Apple's products, as Apple is doing now.  Samsung will probably ask for a high rate, though a rate far fair, reasonable than Apple's rate, to force Apple to cross-license.    There is really nothing set in stone about "fair" or "reasonable" price.  If Apple can charge $25 per low-end Android device (20%) for their utility patents, I don't see why Samsung can't charge Apple 10% or 15% for all eight.
  Didn't Apple pay billions to Nokia a couple of years back (settled out of court)?   Yeah, this case will be appealed regardless of who wins it.
  speaking of Lighthouse, http://jonathanischwartz.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/good-artists-copy-great-artists-steal/
  It probably doesn't help that the accusation is coming from a paid, anti-Android shill, Florian Mueller?   http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20120724125504129
  it really depends on what you are reading, though I have to agree tha MSM seems to favor Apple - obviously not even without hearing Samsung's defense/offense.   Try non-fanboy, anti-FUD sites like Groklaw.net, for instance.
  Very unlikely,  IIRC, Toshiba and LG were the main suppliers of panels for the early generations of iPhone.  I don't think Samsung makes iPhone's display panel to this date - though Apple had to go beg Samsung for iPad 2 and the new iPad when LG (and Sharp) started having manufacturing problems.  
  There is nothing preventing companies from cross-licensing on bilateral basis. It just means that it will be a bit more cumbersome to work out licensing & some patents won't be available to much wider audience, like Apple. 
  Welcome to AI - home of the birther movement.
  Yep..  that was when judge Koh refused to grant injunction against Samsung - which was later overturned.    It's difficult to tell Koh is really biased - seems like the mainstream media coverage of the case is overly favorable to Apple, while others, Groklaw for instance, seem to side with Samsung. Then you have self-claimed patent-expert Florian Mueller, a paid anti-Android shill, whose commentaries routinely show up on Cnet, AI, etc..   
    I don't think there is any denial that Samsung tries to emulate Apple's success (and packaging designs), but consider the following    "... When Apple was developing its campaign to promote the first iPhone, it considered – and rejected – advertisements that touted alleged Apple ―firsts with the iPhone. As one Apple employee explained to an overly exuberant Apple marketer, I don‘t know how many things we can come up with that you can legitimately claim we did first....
New Posts  All Forums: