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  Samsung's had a huge semi manufacturing complex in Texas for almost two decades now.   so what's $3.6B got to do with this again?   Did Apple pay for this?
  From what I understand Apple's investment in Samsung was pretty insignificant, $100M.   You have to remember that Samsung routinely spends billions to build / upgrade their manufacturing plants - or $41B in 2012 alone.
  It's more like 4.6% last year.  Apple's component sales accounts for only $7B of Samsung Electronic's $150B revenue in 2011 - not a fatal hit, especially considering 40%-50% growth in Samsung mobile's revenue/profit.
  Well, Apple wasn't just going after Samsung Mobile..  It was going after Samsung Electronics, as a whole.. 
  Samsung has been making mobile devices for at least a full decade longer than Apple and has sizable 3G/LTE patent pools. Samsung wasn't even a major player in the US smartphone market until last year - HTC was.   I'm not quite sure how Apple is going to work around this - there is really nobody out there big or reliable to enough to meet Apple's demand. 
  *sigh*  Is that why Apple is buying $12B worth of components from Samsung, from $7+B last year?   because Apple has already moved most of their business away from Samsung?
  Samsung is doomed.  LOL!!
I'm quite glad that my rMacBook pro I just bought has a Samsung LCD - I was somewhat reluctant to buy it because of the ghosting problem with LG displays.
    LOL.  that's so logically fallacious,      that's precisely why the US manufacturing output has been going up, while the number employed manufacturing going down.   
  Well, that's not technically correct - considering that the US too has been artificially devaluing the currency for a while (US dollar index was 120 in 2000, now it's 78).  But it's politically much convenient to blame foreigners, immigrants or other marginalized groups for all their economic/social ills.
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