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  LG has been making Apple displays for a long while now (and I believe is Apple's largest display supplier) - they've been also losing a lot of money, despite Apple's huge orders.  
  eh?  got any point to make on US-Korea relation?  or Samsung-Apple?   None?  thought so  
  eh?  If it hadn't been for the US, the country would have been unified under Kim Il Sung, with much fewer dead Koreans / American soldiers.  I don't see why that's so bad?   but who know what might have happened?  Vietnam, despite the bitter war that killed millions, now trades with the US.    Development Econ 101:  also remember, unlike Nehru's Soviet-style socialistic economy that starved millions (saved by  US's intervention in India, aka "Green Revolution"), North...
  I think the public opinion is already swinging that way.  There was a NYtime article illustrating Apple's exploitation of the current US patent system - changed dramatically under Bruce Lehman's leadership, a former *lobbyist* appointed as head of the USPTO by Clinton in 1993.  And of course we all know that Clinton was a close buddy of Steve Jobs.  Then today, NPR - Planet Money ran a story on the recent Samsung vs Apple lawsuit and how the US patent system should be...
  what anti-American sentiment?  (can you spell "projection"?)      I don't know..  How many times has Samsung gotten in trouble for bribing US officials?  Let me also ask, while at it, do you know how many former VP's or other politically influential figures / officers serve on board of directors of  Samsung?
  can you name any other court that sided with Apple on anything (especially against Samsung)?
  Yes, and Samsung is also one of the few (I can't really think of anyone at the moment) that can mass produce in quantities that Apple wants.  Samsung also make 97% of all AMOLED manufactured worldwide. 
Has Apple won any lawsuit elsewhere, other than the infamous Dusseldorf court in Germany - aka, the Eastern District of Europe ?
  I don't see how this makes any sense.   A lot of US companies, including Apple and GM, now make more money from oversea sales than US domestic sales.  I don't see why/how bringing back cheap menial wage jobs would help.   Why would you want to promote "great secrecy"?  
  Well, that would be nice..  The US dollar as the world's reserve currency without the US military to back it up? 
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