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    hardly anything to cry about.    That's still 75% vs. Apple's ~25% gain.   anytime
; ;   there, I found Nielson's Q2 2012 data..  so that's 8% in Q2, 2011 to 17% in Q2, 2012 - that's still 100+% gain.  Apple's share increased from 28% in Q2, 2011 to 34% in Q2, 2012 - that is only 20+% gain.  Nielsen's numbers are ased on # of US mobile subscribers.
    Why?    According to Nielsen, Samsung had only 8% of the US smartphone market in Q2 2011; now it's 24%.  Yes, that's 300% gain.   Apple's share went from 28% to 31%; 10+% gain.       
eh? This sounds a bit crazy..  So after $1.1+ billion in marketing between 2008-2010, 35%, or 1/3, of consumers still can't link it back to Apple? 
    yeah, I thought it was mildly funny, but not edgy as MadTv's Apple parody http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw2nkoGLhrE
well, based on trials held in Neherland, Germany, Australia, only one court in Germany found Samsung violating "unfair competition" law there, but they found no design infringement. So I think Samsung's chance is pretty good. Samsung will probably have to appeal given Apple's home advantage.
  Their R&D?  You mean their marketing spending?
  I agree with this..  What bothers me about most AI'ers (ie, Apple fanboys) is that they think everything in absolute terms - everything Steve Jobs or Apple does is always "right."    I think a lot of anti-Jobs / anti-Apple sentiment is a reaction to such closed mind-set. 
    so Steve didn't know what he was talking about?
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