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  Really?  where is iPhone 5 Mini?
  Well, there is nothing in FRAND / SEP dictating how much or what percentage patent holders can charge, is there?  The point of FRAND is to promote industry wide adoption by making their standard essential patents widely available for licensing & at fair, reasonable rates. Again, if Apple can charge around 20% for low-end Android phones for a handful utility patents, I don't see why 2.25% is unreasonable, unfair for FRAND patents?   What's more uncommon is Apple's patent...
  so let me get this straight, Apple wants to charge $25 / per device for a handful of utility patents, but also wants to access Samsung's vast communication 3G/UTMS patents for pennies in exchange for Apple's meager collection of comm/tech patents?
  looks like some of AI'ers are starting to realize that Hogan was a liability from the getgo now.  I believe each side had 3 votes. Why don't you ask Noreen Krall? Ok, Samsung lawyers are morons, but I thought Apple's lawyers knew what they were doing.  Perhaps Apple also knew Hogan had a conflict of interest, but kept him there, you know "just in case." Maybe Ms Krall had hoped that Samsung's lawyers would never find out.  
  a trump card?  You mean like Apple's shrinking smartphone worldwide marketshare? How about Apple Maps disaster?
  Well, considering Samsung's 100+% growth yoy and its worldwide marketshare, it doesn't take a genius to figure that Samsung is winning in the market place.  It's just the US market where Samsung is struggling - that is, Samsung's growth isn't as astronomical as its worldwide sales .. 
wonder if this has anything to do with the recent Appeal ruling in Microsoft vs. Motorola.
  I think it's slightly more than that - it's most like 85% of Apple's entire profit and 75% of Apple's revenue.   If Apple goes back to it's $705 peak, I'll short Apple.
  No, but Samsung could collect quite a bit for all the infringed iPhone 5's sold in the US.  I'm guessing, by 2014, Apple will have sold something like 90 million iPhone 5s, so that's 90 million multiplied by the price of Samsung's patents.
  Just learning from Apple - if you can't beat them in the marketplace, fight 'em in the court (or your home court preferably).
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