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  Well, that's somewhat misleading.  Samsung mobile's sales now accounts for almost 50% of all Samsung Electronic's revenue, or 75% of profit. Apple's $12+B sales doesn't really amount to much, especially considering Samsung's $160+B annual sales. The semi and display divisions don't really make much money for Samsung or barely breaking even. Samsung is really better off without Apple.
  I don't think Samsung is trying to ban Apple's products, as Apple is doing now.  Samsung will probably ask for a high rate, though a rate far fair, reasonable than Apple's rate, to force Apple to cross-license.    There is really nothing set in stone about "fair" or "reasonable" price.  If Apple can charge $25 per low-end Android device (20%) for their utility patents, I don't see why Samsung can't charge Apple 10% or 15% for all eight.
  Didn't Apple pay billions to Nokia a couple of years back (settled out of court)?   Yeah, this case will be appealed regardless of who wins it.
  speaking of Lighthouse, http://jonathanischwartz.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/good-artists-copy-great-artists-steal/
  It probably doesn't help that the accusation is coming from a paid, anti-Android shill, Florian Mueller?   http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20120724125504129
  it really depends on what you are reading, though I have to agree tha MSM seems to favor Apple - obviously not even without hearing Samsung's defense/offense.   Try non-fanboy, anti-FUD sites like Groklaw.net, for instance.
  Very unlikely,  IIRC, Toshiba and LG were the main suppliers of panels for the early generations of iPhone.  I don't think Samsung makes iPhone's display panel to this date - though Apple had to go beg Samsung for iPad 2 and the new iPad when LG (and Sharp) started having manufacturing problems.  
  There is nothing preventing companies from cross-licensing on bilateral basis. It just means that it will be a bit more cumbersome to work out licensing & some patents won't be available to much wider audience, like Apple. 
  Welcome to AI - home of the birther movement.
  Yep..  that was when judge Koh refused to grant injunction against Samsung - which was later overturned.    It's difficult to tell Koh is really biased - seems like the mainstream media coverage of the case is overly favorable to Apple, while others, Groklaw for instance, seem to side with Samsung. Then you have self-claimed patent-expert Florian Mueller, a paid anti-Android shill, whose commentaries routinely show up on Cnet, AI, etc..   
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