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wonder if this has anything to do with the recent Appeal ruling in Microsoft vs. Motorola.
  I think it's slightly more than that - it's most like 85% of Apple's entire profit and 75% of Apple's revenue.   If Apple goes back to it's $705 peak, I'll short Apple.
  No, but Samsung could collect quite a bit for all the infringed iPhone 5's sold in the US.  I'm guessing, by 2014, Apple will have sold something like 90 million iPhone 5s, so that's 90 million multiplied by the price of Samsung's patents.
  Just learning from Apple - if you can't beat them in the marketplace, fight 'em in the court (or your home court preferably).
  Apparently, there is no LTE patents infringement claim in this case (yet).  Samsung has twice as many LTE patents than Apple, though.
  I still don't understand why Samsung is trying to fight this out in California in Apple's backyard.  As iJudge Koh demonstrated in the recent highly biased case, Samsung has zero chance of getting a fair trial.   Should learn from Apple and take it to the Eastern District of Texas or the Dusseldorf Court in Germany for patent infringement cases.
I believe only two of them are SEP; all others are utility patents.
  Why is 60 hours / week excessive?  I'm all for child-labor / 60 hr work week (as long as it's voluntary). 
Mine is made in Korea. How about yours?
Nah, doubt it. Sharp will be well out of business before Apple gets to collect a penny from Samsung (in the unlikely event that the ruling is upheld in the federal court of appeals). From what I hear Sharp already mortgaged all their manufacturing plants & office buildings in Japan just to stay in business and is basically at the "do-or-die" stage.  Most Japanese electronic makers are way past their prime - the on-going world economic crisis and the rising Yen certainly...
New Posts  All Forums: