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I believe only two of them are SEP; all others are utility patents.
  Why is 60 hours / week excessive?  I'm all for child-labor / 60 hr work week (as long as it's voluntary). 
Mine is made in Korea. How about yours?
Nah, doubt it. Sharp will be well out of business before Apple gets to collect a penny from Samsung (in the unlikely event that the ruling is upheld in the federal court of appeals). From what I hear Sharp already mortgaged all their manufacturing plants & office buildings in Japan just to stay in business and is basically at the "do-or-die" stage.  Most Japanese electronic makers are way past their prime - the on-going world economic crisis and the rising Yen certainly...
Whoop Dee Doo
  Well, that's too bad..  seems like the average iphone users can't tell the difference anyway..     not sure what your point is...   GS III JB (pre-release) already produced better geekbench results (clearly indicating that it's not a raw cpu performance issue); Note II, to be released in mid-Novemeber, is also known to perform much better than GS III (hence Note II > iPhone 5).  Samsung makes over 20+ smartphone models for the US market; some with much shorter product...
  I'm not really sure if the average iPhone users can actually distinguish any real improvement between upgrades.  
  Hm.. I thought spec / benchmarks don't matter for you Apple people?
  Oh my. it looks like Braun T3 Radio.  It's difficult to tell them apart. 
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