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LOL! what? Samsung's Galaxy R&D is already covered by Apple? Are you saying Apple with all its magnomity is paying Samsung to develop its own Galaxy lines to avoid anti-trust? man, you fanbois logic is ..
No, you can steal cpu's and flash chips, but you can't steal ideas. This is precisely why the patent system in this country is so screwed up.
well, never underestimate Apple fan's loyalty. I remember back in early 2000's, when LG supplied the same exact 19" flat panels under different name brand for Dell and Apple. Dell's was selling for $399 while Apple's at $900 - and it was selling like hotcakes.Apple's TV doesn't have to be *better* or *innovative*... Apple just needs a good ad campaign..On an unrelated note, I'm selling all my apple shares (100), the day Apple officially announces iPanel, or Apple TV panel...
I like "iView" or "iVision"
now, seriously.. Where is my 15" MBA?
what new hardware? just put a beta voice-recognition software like Siri on every single Mac books and call it "Mac Book S"
Don't we all love protectionism? Imagine if mo' nations adapted Brazil's no import, high tariff policy?
if Apple's new iPad is any indication, Apple's dependence on Samsung is growing.
Well, Apple is known to drive hard bargain on prices from component-suppliers. I know that Samsung's semi has 15% profit margin, but then Samsung is in its own league - ie, Samsung makes money when everyone else is losing. I'm guessing that other supplier's margin isn't probably as lucrative.
ok, but the moderator's point is that the decision to go after Iraq had backing of both liberals and conservatives. Contrary to popular belief, most liberals aren't even anti-war. Folks like Sanders, Grayson, Paul are fringe figures in their own party.
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