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  Their R&D?  You mean their marketing spending?
  I agree with this..  What bothers me about most AI'ers (ie, Apple fanboys) is that they think everything in absolute terms - everything Steve Jobs or Apple does is always "right."    I think a lot of anti-Jobs / anti-Apple sentiment is a reaction to such closed mind-set. 
    so Steve didn't know what he was talking about?
  so, in another word, you have no f'ing clue what you are talking about.   Do you have any idea how this typically works in component business?  or Are you an expert in contract law?     Just a lot of imagination?
  Well, I think it's closer to 4.5% of Samsung Electronics gross revenue of $150B in 2010. But perhaps that will change this year - Apple is expected to buy more some $12B worth of components this year.
  sounds like desperation to me..
  seriously guys..  where else is Apple going to go for Flash, CPUs, batteries, etc?  As I've said many many times, there is really nobody else out there big or reliable enough to meet Apple's demand.  Apple has historically used LG or Sharp for displays before, so this is nothing new.
    Apple's R&D dept?  You mean Marketing dept?
  Can he just quit like that, just weeks before the trial?  
  Microsoft ads are not that bad..  these ad are more like Crazy Eddie's
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