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  That's in Billion in US dollars, not # of units.  Apple also buys a lot of CPUs from Intel - Samsung's desktop/laptop sales don't amount to much. 
  Technically, you could also get older iPhones for free too..  Furthermore, Apple's subsidy is much greater than most Android phones: $400-$450 for Apple iPhones vs. $320 for Samsung Galaxy phones . I would definitely buy a Galaxy Note if AT&T is willing to subsidize a bit more.
  um..  ok, I'm not a Korean grammar nazi, but your sentence is incomplete. It should have been,    Samsung: 우리는 물건을 복사합니다.
Apple already has Al Gore, former VP of the US, on its board. Steve Jobs was known to have been a close friend of the Clintons.    I don't see why Apple has to spend any money on lobbying when some of his buddies are also powerful political figures in US. 
  eh?  Rand is a hypocrite because she paid her share of taxes all her life despite her ideological opposition to big gov't?  
    eh?  I'm a Apple shareholder and owned multiple Apple devices before (4 iPhones & 3 Macbooks so far). I never owned Samsung anything until this year.   Yes, I'm crazy and pretty bitter. Are you happy?
the usps office was tiny . doubt it makes any difference. $1.4m for that dump on Greene? Now i wonder how much apple is paying for he addiional space.
wonder if Koh can be replaced wih Posner.
apparently laywers get 30% of the settlement. Nice!
  Well, that's the whole point..   The judge just said Apple's design patents are nothing but smokescreen (marketing gimmicks). 
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