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Are you saying that LG & Sharp aren't trying to get Apple's business (or likewise for Apple to diversify away from Samsung)?Or are you in denial that there is no other tech / manufacturer big or reliable enough to meet Apple's needs?
No, Apple is suing Samsung Electronics, not Samsung Electronics's Mobile division or display vision.
Really? And you do?
I believe it's Sharp, but Sharp & LG reportedly had difficulty manufacturing the display panels in volume.http://www.reghardware.com/2012/03/1...aperture_tech/Well, at least we now know where Apple would be without Samsung's flash, cpu, or display.
I agree that numbers don't mean anything, but how would you know that Samsung's patents are not worthy? but Apple's patents are? Company A has 100,000 patents, many of which are widely licensed (including those considered essential FRAND) and employed to promote / advance technology. Company B has 1,000 patents, many of which are based on obvious design / prior art. The patents are mainly used to intimidate competitors and maintain its market dominance.
why so anti-Samsung? Samsung is too busy making new iPad's display / Cpu / nand - iPad 3 is more like 60% Samsung now.
you talk'ng about Apple?
hate to be nitpicky, but Samsung is based in Suwon, South Korea.
Now I'm starting to wonder - Samsung has supposedly over 100+K technology patents worldwide (+30+K granted in US alone) and recently announced that they set aside $200M for legal battle against Apple - so where is exactly all that $200M going to? Are they all defensive patents (or FRAND)?
Judge Annabel's injunction was overturned by a higher court in AU.. She may be just a clueless judge - which may or may not work in Samsung's favor this time around.
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