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What do you mean "export"? Apple created jobs that didn't exist here before.
"Jobs 'more showman than geek': Daisey"Well, despite all his flaws, his description of Jobs sounds about right.
ARM? I don't see why not.but Samsung? It seems like most AI'er still seem to believe that Samsung == Foxconn (or Apple == Walmart).
or maybe in Dell / HP for that matter.
MSNBC is a right-wing network now?This is what's so wrong with the leftism (which includes neo-conservatism) in this country - the end justifies the means.
what's up with these fat dudes, Michael Moore, Mike Daisey, Ed Schulz, Rush Limbaugh, etc, etc?
Pretty amazing, especially considering that Apple was cofounded by a C average student who dropped out of Pomona college in his first semester there. So how many *Western* Nobel physics winners contributed to the design and making of iPhones?
You should be able to look it up on google.comhttp://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsu...Structure.html
005930:Korea SE
Samsung Electronics is a public company, largely (50+%) owned by foreign investors - citi being the largest single shareholder.
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