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There is no free (with 2 year contract) iPhones 3GS in Canada?
more like 4x, but agree that it's somewhat unfair to give the same weight to Samsung.
Thanks to Samsung's technology and manufacturing innovation, and Apple's marketing pull....
Welcome to Apple's echo chamber / or Steve Jobs distortion field.
I don't quite get this.. um... Sprint makes money when iPhone subscribers use a lot of data - unless of course, they are all on unlimited dataplan (which I don't think is the case here). am I missing something here?
Microsoft's promise to continue MS Office for Mac saved Apple back in the late 90's when Jobs returned, so why would Apple be so against MS Office? It's not like there's an alternative to MS Office on Macs.
why? just go to Samsung and Sharp and ask them how they did it. (cough) At least Microsoft won't pretend it invented (or innovated) everything. I don't think you can reverse engineer Apple's marketing innovation.
Well, all signs indicate that Samsung (Android) and Apple (iOS) are gaining at the expense of Nokia (which had over 30% Chinese marketshare in 2010, now down to low 20%). Globally, Apple's sales in Q4 was higher than Samsung's, but Samsung has been growing at much greater rate (300+%) for the past few years. There's also the same global trend - Nokia and RIM losing marketshare and Apple & Samsung gaining. So now, smartphone sales in China is less than 6% (of all phones...
GE paid the highest corporate taxes, 35%, when Reagan plugged all the corporate loop holes created by Carter and other democrat cronies. GE not surprisingly hires former Carter's tax laywers to lobby for tax-breaks and now pays the effective rates of 12%. thx liberals
LOL!! This is hilarious. Oh really? Is that why some bottom 50% of lower income folks don't pay any federal taxes while the top 2% pays 40% of taxes? (or top 10% 70% of taxes?)Perhaps Apple should move its headquarters to Bahamas or Ireland like Accenture did.
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