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 @sog35:  It's difficult to tell how Apple's revenue would be affected by the Yuan devaluation, but, as usual, I see a lot of misinformation here.  According to Apple's latest 10-Q (June 2015), the net sales from "Greater China" was $13,230 (M) on $49,605.  That's about 26% and over 100+% growth (QoQ) -- meaning China's share of Apple's revenue is quite sizable and the revenue driver for the company. The iPhones are "assembled" in China -- which is a very small part of the...
 @basjhj: Sure. you are regurgitating the same garbage repeatedly raised, addressed in Post #50.   Nobody here is arguing that everything is rosy in Samsung land, but you.  Your nonsensical mischaracterization about the graph not scaled precisely down to decimal places doesn't change the irrelevance of your all your comments in this thread. 
 @basjhj : just goes on to show that you are still trying to BS your way out.   For the time interval values chosen for between log6(6) and log6(36) in the graph, the five-decimial x-values are   they are fairly close to how they are represented in the rough graph (especially given the absolute size and scale, and, most importantly, the expected audience/reader) try harder if you are going to make a point.  but again this doesn't cancel out the fact that you absolutely...
 @basjhj : Are you f'ng kidding me? Of course, log() is a non-linear function and the unit values represented in the graph aren't uniformly distributed. Are you complaining because the graph in the marketing, non-scientific research paper is not drawn precisely down to a few decimals places?  Glad that you don't care about the first 4 points -- it explains why you have nothing to say on the topic we are discussing here. 
 @pixeldoc : Sure, sounds like you never bought non-Apple products in your life?  As said earlier, the cost of production drops substantially throughout their product cycle in tech. Samsung and most tech companies in general can and do drop prices frequently to stay competitive and still maintain their margin, this is no brainer.  
 @jungmark : yes, that's how this particular log base 6 chart works.   the first 6 points increase by 1, or 60, then the next 6 points by 6, 61 (ie, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42), then the next 6 by by 36, or 62.   But none of that really matters, we only care about the first 4 data points.
 @basjhj : obviously you are unfamiliar with the notion of log scale?
 @sog35: Sure, you can believe whatever you "choose" to believe. Galaxy S4 faces supply issue due to 'overwhelming demand't and we all now know the S4 was the last "record-breaking" flagship from Samsung.  We also know what happened to the S4's pricing (see Idealo's data again) -- it declined faster than the two predecessors, the S2 and S3. I just don't understand why it's so difficult for some here at AI to believe that the BOM cost declines substantially throughout...
 @sog35 : Sure, you may be right, or wrong.  This article doesn't prove or disprove that, however. What we do know from the historical data, or Idealo's data, is that Samsung's flagship S model pricing always falls by about 20+% after 4 months, regardless of their popularity, or analysts' early prediction. 
I guess people just hear what they want to hear.  So where is the evidence that the price reduction has nothing to do with the historical competitive market pricing, all to do with their recent below-expected earning?  It seems fairly clear that the $100 price cut fits inline with their historical pricing strategy -- 20% to 25% after 4 months -- but hey whatever makes you happy.  *yawn*  
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