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why so anti-Samsung? Samsung is too busy making new iPad's display / Cpu / nand - iPad 3 is more like 60% Samsung now.
you talk'ng about Apple?
hate to be nitpicky, but Samsung is based in Suwon, South Korea.
Now I'm starting to wonder - Samsung has supposedly over 100+K technology patents worldwide (+30+K granted in US alone) and recently announced that they set aside $200M for legal battle against Apple - so where is exactly all that $200M going to? Are they all defensive patents (or FRAND)?
Judge Annabel's injunction was overturned by a higher court in AU.. She may be just a clueless judge - which may or may not work in Samsung's favor this time around.
consider boycotting all electronic goods from Apple, HP, Sony, Verizon, etc.. iPhone is also 25% Samsung (component & price wise).
Well, based on what we've observed so far from Apple's lawsuits in Germany to Holland to Austrialia, it seems like the Austrialian and the Dusseldorf courts are by far the most patent holder friendly courts. so why not?
where is ma 15" MBA?
so where is the ad?
eh? Apple hasn't won a single lawsuit against Samsung or, to be precise, Samsung's hardware design. The only ones held up in the courts in Dusseldorf and Australia are all based on Android specific features (eg, photo gallery, scrolling, etc). Unfortunately Samsung is the fastest growing / largest smartphone maker in the world. You can't possibly boycott Samsung unless you are willing to boycott all electronic products from Apple, Dell, HP, Verizon, Sony, etc.. Samsung...
New Posts  All Forums: