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  eh?  Rand is a hypocrite because she paid her share of taxes all her life despite her ideological opposition to big gov't?  
    eh?  I'm a Apple shareholder and owned multiple Apple devices before (4 iPhones & 3 Macbooks so far). I never owned Samsung anything until this year.   Yes, I'm crazy and pretty bitter. Are you happy?
the usps office was tiny . doubt it makes any difference. $1.4m for that dump on Greene? Now i wonder how much apple is paying for he addiional space.
wonder if Koh can be replaced wih Posner.
apparently laywers get 30% of the settlement. Nice!
  Well, that's the whole point..   The judge just said Apple's design patents are nothing but smokescreen (marketing gimmicks). 
Has Apple ever won any design patent lawsuit?
  Well, according to Apple, Apple employees and MOFO lawyers are still quite confused.  So how much does Apple owe Samsung in legal fees?
This is exactly what I want.. I'm going to skip Samsung's new Galaxy S3 and Apple's iPhone 5 and go straight to the Note 2.
    I personally think it's a great alternative to those tourists in NYC walking around with iPads taking photos - which I find the most obnoxious.
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