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Are you saying that Apple's iPad's rectangular tablet design isn't part of the larger industry trend ? - whereas Samsung's is?
  Well, I think the TV manufacturing biz is very different from mobile phones biz..  Companies like Nokia, Ericsson, Motolora and RIM made killings when their flagship phones were flying high.  The TV biz? nope.  Samsung is by far the most successful company in TV making biz, and everyone, with no exception, is losing money.   Now, I do wonder if Apple can start a TV business without tripping up on Samsung's patents or looking like one of their TVs.   My prediction is...
Samsung just pulled another "Apple" on us..  bastards.
    R&D in marketing?
    Well, RIM is Canadian, Samsung (South Korea), HTC (Taiwan), Nokia (Finland).. Motorola was already in decline, so it wouldn't have mattered much. On the other hand, Apple's contractor Foxconn hires hundreds of thousands of workers in China, so it's net positive. 
    Perhaps Apple should just move to Nevada or better yet move to Ireland or somewhere more friendlier to corporations..      Apple should just ignore.  The way I see it, this is nothing more than a political kabuki theatre.  The mainstream media and liberals are gearing up to blame "tax dodgers" like Apple and GE, for the impending fiscal crisis - largely caused by years and decades of out-of-control deficit / debt liberal welfare / warfare spending.  Alas, companies...
    I ditched Apple iPhone 4 early this year for a Samsung Galaxy S2.  I really like 4.3" screen size, I don't think I could go back to Apple's iPhone again. I should have waited a bit and get a Note though.
    did you take medication today?
    must be why they are #1 smartphone sales.
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