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Of course, it is.. Most engineers behind innovation, eg, Woz, don't walk away with millions. It's usually sales / marketing folks who get the vast majority of the cake.
Jesus, it's quite incredible how ethnocentric/racists you fanbois are. What's next? only Anglo protestants have salvation & work ethics to be successful in global economy? Have you been drinking M. Weber kool-aid? Just where did you guys get your PhD's in sociology?This is doubly funny considering that Apple is just a glorified marketing / product integration company that depends on technology / manufacturing giants like Xerox, Samsung, Sharp, etc for success.
SUN at its peak (circa 1990's) was far more innovative than NeXT. If you recall, neither NeXT or Apple did well until NeXT was bought by Apple in late 1990's - Apple in particular was on the verge of collapse. NeXT as we know was an insignificant player in Unix market, never approached anywhere close to SUN's marketshare. I can't imagine anyone wanting to work for NeXT.Jon Ivy maybe, but if everything starts at the top, why didn't NeXT amount to anything?We all know that...
There is no free (with 2 year contract) iPhones 3GS in Canada?
more like 4x, but agree that it's somewhat unfair to give the same weight to Samsung.
Thanks to Samsung's technology and manufacturing innovation, and Apple's marketing pull....
Welcome to Apple's echo chamber / or Steve Jobs distortion field.
I don't quite get this.. um... Sprint makes money when iPhone subscribers use a lot of data - unless of course, they are all on unlimited dataplan (which I don't think is the case here). am I missing something here?
Microsoft's promise to continue MS Office for Mac saved Apple back in the late 90's when Jobs returned, so why would Apple be so against MS Office? It's not like there's an alternative to MS Office on Macs.
why? just go to Samsung and Sharp and ask them how they did it. (cough) At least Microsoft won't pretend it invented (or innovated) everything. I don't think you can reverse engineer Apple's marketing innovation.
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