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13 is in US, but MBA 13" seems to be selling pretty well in US.
for $100B
not really.. remember NTP vs. RIM? I don't think Obama ditched his $3300 Blackberry yet.
American? in light of the recent Foxconn brouhaha, it should be rather obvious that nationalism has no place in technology. I don't know how much of Apple's profit is parked oversea, but the only major part/component made in US is A5/6 chips made by Samsung, a South Korean company, in TX.
Is that how much it costs to attend that event?
27% share of all mobile PC shipments Is it 27% share of all mobile PC shipped or sold?
his point being? Two wrongs make a right isn't really much of a point..
LOL!! Why pay any attention to the *bogus stories* manufactured against Apple? think, why do you pay any attention to *bogus stories* manufactured against Samsung ?
That would be quite misleading : contrary to your rant, Samsung Galaxy S II is thinner overall, but there is a bump towards the lower end of the phone - that is why the Brits recently rejected Samsung's complaint against Apple's misleading ad.
No, that would be 20m in just 10 months. You know Samsung makes at least 20+ mobile phone, so in aggregate, it's still #1 in marketshare.
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