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Well, on one hand, I know there are fresh out college kids spending up to 50% of their wage on rent in NYC.. These Chinese workers share a room with 5-6 other roommates, there is no private room to speak of (which kinda reminds me of the NYU freshmen dorms that cost $1000+/month)
by the end of Q1 or I'm getting a Samsung Series 9.
ok.. I think I know what you are trying to say. But if they are wiling to wait almost 3 Qs for a minor upgrade and a feature that isn't yet available in their language, what stops them from listening to all the iPhone 5 chatters and holding back their purchase for another Q or two?
In China maybe..
Apple and Samsung gain at the expense of RIM who went from #1 with 28% market share in 2010 to #3 with 20% in 2011 ..
It's already happening with / without Apple lobbying - thx in large part to the recent expose by the unions / labor right thugs. Foxconn already expressed interest in replacing some of those jobs with machine.
But Apple was still #1 in smartphone market share and its sales bounced back big time in the 4Q outselling Samsung. Apple is #5 in China and lost market share for two consecutive quarters Q3 & Q4.
Welcome to Apple Insider
Apple has $100 gazillion. What'$35m? Besides apple loves patent/trademark lawsuits._
[QUOTE=timothyjay2004;2049654]You know, I'm getting tired of hearing about Foxconn/Apple facility problems - Apple is ONE of Foxconn's customers .. why is it only Apple being thrown into the spotlight? I'm in no way saying that things can't improve at Foxconn ... what I am saying is, why only Apple?[/QOUTE] That's what I thought when Apple sued Samsung: Samsung is ONE of Google's customers, why is it only Samsung being thrown into the spotlight? just suck it up.
New Posts  All Forums: