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    I guess the only one thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about..  If Samsung can generate enough buzz, why not?  Besides, it's quite original..   or at least Samsung isn't copying Apple's PC vs Apple or Think Different ads campaings.        
    really?  Apple should be in jail then
Yeah, go Samsung.
    Really?  Is there any study not funded by the publishing business or Apple that supports your claim?    There is only one randomized controlled study conducted by HMH using their FUSE program that provides data - not surprisingly funded by the namesake publishing company and Apple. Now, there are supposedly similar iPad pilot programs at 600 other institutions worldwide, so where are the results?  They all seem to claim uniformly that iPads *enhanced* students...
don't quite understand the title..   Apple's iPhone has been around for 4-5 years now and HTC did rather well until last year in spite of competition from Apple. Now, is HTC saying that Android users are defecting to iPhones 4S?
    Do you have any quantifiable results (eg, grades) that show her students are doing better?     thx
    Really? Are you insinuating that the education system is failing because of *heavy textbooks*?  Are you f'ing kidding me?     What cost saving? Schools are not getting free e-textbooks or iPads - most schools would probably end up with some convoluted subscription based e-textbooks that, in the longer run, would cost more. Most textbook publishers (and your local board of ed's) aren't interested in reducing the price of digital textbooks. Just look at the college...
  I don't have particularly anything against Apple's new iPads, but this is a complete waste of taxpayers' money.   There has been no clear study showing any positive correlation, much less causality, between technology (ie, laptops, tablets) and education. This is just money down the drain.  We gotta let go of this delusional thinking that laptops & tablets would miraculously fix the broken education system.
      ROFL!!  You fanbois are not very bright.   LG had many problems manufacturing Apple's iPad 2 last year and Apple had to ask another supplier to fill the shortfall created by the light-bleeding problem. Guess who that supplier was - Yes, it was Samsung.  If there is no blacklight bleeding problem on your iPad, it's likely that it's manufactured by Samsung.  It's not at all surprising that LG is still having problems with the new iPad's display.   Now, if your goal is...
    You guys clearly have no idea how South Korean conglomerates like Hyundai, Samssung, LG, Daewoo are organized.  No, unfortuntely there is no such wall or division between most large chebols in Korea - they are all owned and tightly managed by the same families or a small clique of best buddies and significant others.   Sure, if Apple could sell 50M iPads this year, that alone is 50M * $85 or $4+B worth of contract for Samsung, so why refuse such a lucrative deal?  For...
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