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Samsung is already owned by 51+% foreigners - Citi being the largest shareholder.
Why are we talking about Samsung devices's physical look and feel when Apple's lawsuits are all based on Android / software patents? It doesn't seem like Apple has much of a case based on hardware design or look.
You mean one of those before and after "LG Prada"? (duck)
If you are talking about samsung's second largest cliet, Apple, well, Samsung electronics's semi unit has the fattest profit margin, followed by mobile.
They are, but everyone is losing money on display/TVs - the industry is too cyclical, capital intensive, razor thin margin. It doesn't seem like their revenue is growing in that unit either. I think Samsung should get out of appliance market as well (or spin off) and just stick to semi / mobile. I'm guessing Apple isn't going to jump into manufacturing TV's - I just don't see how Apple can make money in that biz.
It's only 9 AM EST and there are already two patent/trademark lawsuit stories on AI.
Not sure about Sony. Do you wonder why Samsung, not Sony, was invited to Steve Jobs' private memorial service last year?
Sure, that's what most developed countries do. For instance, US makes advanced manufactured goods like airplanes (#1 export) and capital equipments (applied materials, cater pillar, etc). Samsung's semi for the most part still depends on heavy/industrial machinery from Applied materials/KLA/etc (at least as of early 2000's). um.. I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say. The problem with the steel industry back in the 90's had a lot to do with out-of-control pension...
Samsung and Apple are in two very different biz: Samsung is a technology / manufacturing giant. Apple is a product integration / marketing giant.
that's just a bad idea. Makes no sense to build low-end menial assembly jobs in US, IMO.
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