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ARM? I don't see why not.but Samsung? It seems like most AI'er still seem to believe that Samsung == Foxconn (or Apple == Walmart).
or maybe in Dell / HP for that matter.
MSNBC is a right-wing network now?This is what's so wrong with the leftism (which includes neo-conservatism) in this country - the end justifies the means.
what's up with these fat dudes, Michael Moore, Mike Daisey, Ed Schulz, Rush Limbaugh, etc, etc?
Pretty amazing, especially considering that Apple was cofounded by a C average student who dropped out of Pomona college in his first semester there. So how many *Western* Nobel physics winners contributed to the design and making of iPhones?
You should be able to look it up on google.comhttp://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsu...Structure.html
005930:Korea SE
Samsung Electronics is a public company, largely (50+%) owned by foreign investors - citi being the largest single shareholder.
Sounds like you have zero clue as to how Asian conglomerates are organized (or intertwined). and your point being? so can Samsung who sits on $20+B on cash. Samsung will spend something in the order of $40+ Billion dollars this year upgrading/building fabs this year. Apple's past capital investment (or Apple's share of Samsung's entire sales - $9B or 2.5%) to secure NAND FLASH supply a couple of years back isn't quite enough to pay for a fraction of that. That being said,...
Not really.. I see Apple going the way of Motorola or Nokia. Apple owns none of the underlying technology behind iPhones or iPad. Samsung not only makes major components for Apple (oh and widely licensed essential IPs), but it also has already more or less commodified smartphones. To make matters worse for Apple, Samsung is growing at 300+% year (and will for another couple of years). That being said, there's plenty of room for both Apple to Samsung to grow in mobile...
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