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This is pretty simple: if Amazon colludes with other book retailers to set the price, yes.  
not sure who's behind Amazon, but we know Al Gore is on Apple's board
Woww.. never expected Al Gore would write a glowing praise of Cook. It's as if they are bbf. I think it's a mistake to judge Cook based on his short tenure.
I think AI posted a couple of similar articles before.. running out materials?
That's soooo typical Apple.. Yes, Apple can't compete with the big boys on performance or engineering. Apple excels in *marketing* consumer friendly goods to techno-phobes and grandma's. (duck)
*google licker*ROLF!! Jesus, what are you? still in 3rd grade?I have no axe to grind - I'm a Apple shareholder (though only 100 shares at the moment) and have owned 3 iPhones (3G, 3GS & 4G) and 3 iBooks in the past - though happily switched to Samsung Galaxy S2 recently. I use Google on daily basis, especially since both my school and work migrated to Google Apps last year, but I don't own any Google share; nor have I ever directly purchased anything produced by Google.
Not sure what your point is. Apple's success is based on marketing, whereas BMW's on their engineering, product performance, etc. It's not just aesthetics that attracts BMW buyers. That perhaps explains why Jobs's NeXT failed to gain any significant market share in the Unix market back in the 90's, and why Apple, to this date, is conspicuously absent in lucrative high end server market, now dominated by HP. Samsung's largest client is Sony, not Apple, but with Sony...
I'm glad that you realize that Googles doesn't make money on OS. Google is a search company - and most of their products are given away for *free*.Your point being? I use my smartphone (3 iPhones so far and just recently Galaxy S2) as more like a PDA than a phone. On average I make 4 calls per month (plus some texting). Google doesn't care what phones you carry or how you use them as long as they depend on Google search, maps, email, docs, etc, etc.Really? so what's Apps...
Well according to some recent report, apps on App Store's are cheaper than those of Android, so this doesn't even make much sense to begin with. If Apple colludes with Android (or any of its competitors) and artificially raise the price for apps, then, now, we have a case.
I already said "marketshare," not "profit share." BMW's profit margin may be higher than Toyota's, but Toyota is the first in units produced / sold globally. Furthermore, Samsung is #1 in smartphone sales (sold or shipped) and their profit has been growing - in fact, according to their Q1 earning report, Samsung Electronic's profit doubled while their overall net revenue went up 20% - all attributed to growth in smartphone sales.
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