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that's just a bad idea. Makes no sense to build low-end menial assembly jobs in US, IMO.
who knows? Maybe there's Chinese Al Gore sitting in Proview's board. what if the CEO of Proview is a close friend of Jiang Zemin or Hu Jintao, like Jobs was to the Clintons?
I think that's 8-9 percent of public debt (i,e US treasuries, Mae bonds), plus another trillion in US private/corporate securities/debt. Let's not also forget their 3-trillion dollars FX holding. That being said, I don't think Proview's lawsuit is going to start a trade/currency war with China. I think Walmart is still the largest importer of Made-In-China goods in US (automobiles from Japan, Germany being the US's #1 import)
Really? Can Foxconn just keep everything they make? I'm pretty sure they could make a bundle in their black market, especially given China's iPhone/iPad mania now. Apple's customer in the West would get pissed off big time though.
Not sure who's going to win in that scenario. Well, let's see, Samsung loses $10B from Apple, or $10B less from Samsung's last year gross, $150B (about 6.6% of all sales), but the demand from its mobile units (growing at 230+%/year) makes up for the lost order. Other mobile manufacturers no longer have to wait for phone components or delay their product release. For Apple, in the meanwhile, there would be major shortages in everything from display, mobile cpus, nand...
Are you saying that Samsung signed a non-compete agreement with Apple?
Hehe.. I guess I'm one of those people - I make fewer than 5 calls / month on average using it mainly for messaging/email/apps.
eh? Are you asking why nobody is holding it to their head in this commercial? You know, it comes with a headset (and support for bluetooth devices) and I'm guessing there must be a reason why. Hmm.. Yeah, I agree - I think it's a terrible idea to buy $200-$600 phones just based on their picture fantasy. You know what's really crazy though?- I'm told that there are crazy folks out there willing to wait days in line for a product without full pics or spec. That's just insane!!
what mimicry? The courts in Germany, Netherland, Austrialia already threw away most of Apple's design patents already - the only valid ones were Android specific ones involving scrolling patents.
ahem, seems to demonstrate how gullible average Apple buyers are (duck)
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