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Seems like you are still in denial. Why else would Apple move away from its main iPad 2 display supplier, LG, in favor of Samsung, Apple's biggest competitor in both mobile and tablet market?Because LG and Sharp are in no rush to fix their production problem?
Are you saying that LG & Sharp aren't trying to get Apple's business (or likewise for Apple to diversify away from Samsung)?Or are you in denial that there is no other tech / manufacturer big or reliable enough to meet Apple's needs?
No, Apple is suing Samsung Electronics, not Samsung Electronics's Mobile division or display vision.
Really? And you do?
I believe it's Sharp, but Sharp & LG reportedly had difficulty manufacturing the display panels in volume.http://www.reghardware.com/2012/03/1...aperture_tech/Well, at least we now know where Apple would be without Samsung's flash, cpu, or display.
I agree that numbers don't mean anything, but how would you know that Samsung's patents are not worthy? but Apple's patents are? Company A has 100,000 patents, many of which are widely licensed (including those considered essential FRAND) and employed to promote / advance technology. Company B has 1,000 patents, many of which are based on obvious design / prior art. The patents are mainly used to intimidate competitors and maintain its market dominance.
why so anti-Samsung? Samsung is too busy making new iPad's display / Cpu / nand - iPad 3 is more like 60% Samsung now.
you talk'ng about Apple?
hate to be nitpicky, but Samsung is based in Suwon, South Korea.
Now I'm starting to wonder - Samsung has supposedly over 100+K technology patents worldwide (+30+K granted in US alone) and recently announced that they set aside $200M for legal battle against Apple - so where is exactly all that $200M going to? Are they all defensive patents (or FRAND)?
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