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or just better appearance? or at least comfortable to wear?
Two wrong make a right? Why should they? The standard of living in China has been going up for decades without all these Western activists screaming. China's had the record double-digit GDP growth for well-over a decades (even if they are fake) - a feat only accomplished by Japan, Germany, South Korea.
just scanned through the DOJ's filing. It seems like the big 5 publishers and Apple were colluding together to force agency model on retailers/smaller publishers and set the price level. (they are some juicy stuff about how the publishers responded to Amazon's refusal to carry McMillans' ebooks & hardcopy). Down with Apple's anti-competitive practice!
That's why top-down socialism never works. Those elites in the top starve the bottom 99.99% in the name of fairness and equality. That's precisely what happened to Mao's China almost three generations ago.
What? I thought Apple can pick and choose any supplier for their retina display. After all, Samsung is like Foxconn that leverages unskilled workers to assemble displays *created* & *engineered* by Apple, though their manufactring process is somewhat more automated.
only if Apple is able to keep FUD by filing lawsuits against its competitors.
It's either Samsung Series 9 (Hackintosh) or MBA 15".
I'm telling ya all.. Apple is heading Sony way. Apple can't compete with Samsung. (duck)
Yahoo Blackberry
Yeah, and that poor kid is near death now. You see the irrationality of Apple fanbois now?
New Posts  All Forums: