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wishful thinking?
Well, that was also true in NYC. I remember a couple of years back, everyone had either iPods or iPhones on their commute back home. Now, I'm the only one with my iPhone (iphone 4).
Samsung semiconductor business is still in black with 16% profit margin. Their display unit is losing money. and why not?
Samsung's overall sales went from $42B to $45 Q2Q, I don't think that's a bad sign. They are still struggling in part/component business (but those areas are very competitive - capital-intensive, low-margin and cyclical), but their telecomm sales/profit is up almost 20%. Their appliance sales (TV) hasn't changed much (less profit). Not sure why you are so concerned about Samsung's stock prices - they've been making mobile devices at least a decade longer than Apple. Q3...
how about biometrics (eg, eyes, finger)? Are they already patented (probably not for unlocking mobile devices?)
eh? This should shut you up then.. Samsung make more money in Telecomm than parts : 2.52 vs. 1.65 in Q3 2011Samsung Telecomm has the highest revenue and profit margin.BussinessTelecomm 14.90 2.52DM&A 14.36 0.25Total: 29.26Parts: Semiconductor 9.48 1.59DP 7.08 0.05Total: 16.48
It seems like Samsung doesn't make more money from parts, but thanks to apple, having to depend on Samsung for display / cpus, their semiconductor business profit margin is higher, according to Samsung's 2011 Q2 statement: Digital Media & Appliances : $14B - $500M profit Telecomm (smartphone) : $12B - $1.6B profit Total = $26B Part/Component busines: Display Panel Business: $7B - ($200M) loss Semiconductor: $9B - $1.8B profit Total = $16B
eh? Samsung already makes more money selling their own mobile devices (#1 in SmartPhone sales last quarter and #1 in all mobile devices worldwide last year), so why bother improving someone else's technology & securing their supplies?
Apple doesn't have much choice. LG/Samsung dominate technology/manufacturing in nand flash/cpus/display not only for Apple, but also for Sony (#1 Samsung's customer), Dell (#3), HP (#4), Verizon (#5) and many others. While I don't think Samsung is going to *deliberately* sabotage Apple, Apple has little to gain from this relationship - especially when they are competing for the top spot in mobile market.
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