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Is that how much it costs to attend that event?
27% share of all mobile PC shipments Is it 27% share of all mobile PC shipped or sold?
his point being? Two wrongs make a right isn't really much of a point..
LOL!! Why pay any attention to the *bogus stories* manufactured against Apple? think, why do you pay any attention to *bogus stories* manufactured against Samsung ?
That would be quite misleading : contrary to your rant, Samsung Galaxy S II is thinner overall, but there is a bump towards the lower end of the phone - that is why the Brits recently rejected Samsung's complaint against Apple's misleading ad.
No, that would be 20m in just 10 months. You know Samsung makes at least 20+ mobile phone, so in aggregate, it's still #1 in marketshare.
Nationals interest? Sounds like Apple is a bit desperate here.
that's not necessarily true. Many of my high school buddies worked under minimum wage (for their family biz). I think there are lots of young kids fresh out of high school or college willing to work very low wage jobs to learn new skill. It just doesn't make any sense for employers to risk hiring someone so unskilled & inexperienced, especially given the minimum wage and labor laws, etc.
Well, on one hand, I know there are fresh out college kids spending up to 50% of their wage on rent in NYC.. These Chinese workers share a room with 5-6 other roommates, there is no private room to speak of (which kinda reminds me of the NYU freshmen dorms that cost $1000+/month)
by the end of Q1 or I'm getting a Samsung Series 9.
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