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it's pretty clear who depends on who... Now, I wonder if Samsung has any design patents on rectangular TV designs. (just take it to the Dusseldorf court). Imagine Samsung to Apple: you can't make thin, black, rectangular TV's.
LOL, those jobs at Foxconn so dangerous that they had to set up mosquito nets to catch all their workers jumping out of their dorms. Jobs was a lifelong democrat! LOL
Yay, more jobs to China!
it's funny.. if Apples does it (with Siri), it's ok since they are just trying to sell more iPhone 4S. If anyone else does it, it's dumb fragmentation.. LOL
Samsung $200M legal fund at work?
It's just amazing how delusional some Apple fans are. Apple is a marketing / product integration / consumer electronics company - Apple dropped "computer" from its corporate logo years back. As this Anobit acquisition shows, Apple doesn't create / design the underlying technology, they either buy, license, or outsource them. Furthermore, Anobit's patent portfolio is quite insignificant - the real tech / manufacturing companies that create, own all the underlying...
don't tell that.. most apple fans don't want to hear that.. go apple! Apple #1.
you are talking about Anymode, not Samsung, right?
Isn't she the same judge whose flawed injunction against Samsung was overturned recently?
Apple has a design patent for rectangular tablets.. wtf?
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