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don't tell that.. most apple fans don't want to hear that.. go apple! Apple #1.
you are talking about Anymode, not Samsung, right?
Isn't she the same judge whose flawed injunction against Samsung was overturned recently?
Apple has a design patent for rectangular tablets.. wtf?
porn, iphone, iporn
how about some Arabic, like Jihad (ahem, against Samsung)?
I believe Motorola also is one of Samsung's larger clients (#6 or #7 - after Sony, Apple, HP, Dell, Verizon)..
looks like another *win* for Samsung
What's the going to accomplish? NYC has one of the highest spending per student in the nation, why do you think pouring good money after bad education system is going to improve the situation?
"Nobody replied" perhaps because the asking price was too high. Then you find that Apple is paying way below the market price for the prime spot. Given Apple's political connection with the Clinton's and other DNC members, it wouldn't be too surprising if it turns out there are some skeleton's in the MTA closet (if there was a favoritism going on). Having worked with former CIOs and other high ranking members of the MTA, I have little or zero confidence or their...
New Posts  All Forums: