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Not really. The Dusseldorf court has patent-friendly reputation and is commonly known as the Eastern Texas courts of Germany (favored by patent trolls). If Apple had legitimate patents case against Samsung, they would have filed lawsuits in the Dutch court where Samsung's entire European distribution would be jeopardized.All, but one of Apple's claims, were invalidated/thrown out in the Dutch court last year. The Dutch court sided with Apple on one "scrolling" (software)...
How is Coca-Cola more valuable than Apple? ROFL!!! Apple #1
Isn't iPhone 3GS essentially free now?
wouldn't be too surprising if MacBooks are already at least 25% Samsung.
LOL!! I guess Apple's diversification strategy isn't quite working.. But but but.. there are hundreds of other Asian suppliers ..
I'm thru with tablets. When is MacBook Air 15" coming out?
Is Apple slavishly copying Android again?
Not everyone wants Apple's capital investment. It's not necessarily charity either - Apple is doing it to secure supply and deep discount. In fact, quite a few suppliers have turned down Apple's offer in the past.Well, it would be more like 4.5% of Samsung's business. You know, there are other customers like Sony (#1 or about $12billion), HP (#3), Dell (#4), Verizon (#5) still in good business relation with Samsung.
or Motorola, Nokia or Samsung..
it's pretty clear who depends on who... Now, I wonder if Samsung has any design patents on rectangular TV designs. (just take it to the Dusseldorf court). Imagine Samsung to Apple: you can't make thin, black, rectangular TV's.
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