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I don't know.. that's what laptops are for, aren't they? (unless we're talking about one of those 10lb gaming laptops). not sure what the council would do, but I guarantee most reporters would show up with either voice recorders or laptops; iPad? Unlikely. I personally haven't met anyone who could type 40+ word/min on iPad's virtual keyboard (I'm not saying it's impossible, personally, I do around 70-80 wpm on desktop/laptop, 25-35 wpm ipad).
Nokia is a bad example.. There's a lot of cross-licensing deals between Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, etc.. I think this is what Samsung wants from Apple, but Apple doesn't want to cross license (Jobs' thermo nuclear war against Android). Furthermore, most Apple's patent lawsuits against Samsung are based on Android OS specific features - almost all Samsung specific lawsuits have been thrown out so far.
I thought they were claiming that they saved $50,000/year by switching to iPads. Then had to re-read the article again.. "Many leaders had blackberry smart phones for email access, but with small video screens, they were difficult to reply in email." I don't quite get this. RIM Blackberry is a phone vs. iPad a table, so I'm guessing the city employees now need a phone AND a tablet? I'm also guessing they are not getting iPhones any time soon since iphone's display is too...
Galaxy S2 is a fine phone.. I just ditched my third iPhone (3/3S/4) late last year (Dec 31) - though I wish I had waited a bit longer for a Galaxy Note. iTune/Appstore is certainly nice, but Galaxy S2 has all l need from a smart phone - phone, email, web browser and podcast. Will reconsider Apple iPhone when it comes out with a bigger display.
iPhone is 25% SAmsung.
13 is in US, but MBA 13" seems to be selling pretty well in US.
for $100B
not really.. remember NTP vs. RIM? I don't think Obama ditched his $3300 Blackberry yet.
American? in light of the recent Foxconn brouhaha, it should be rather obvious that nationalism has no place in technology. I don't know how much of Apple's profit is parked oversea, but the only major part/component made in US is A5/6 chips made by Samsung, a South Korean company, in TX.
Is that how much it costs to attend that event?
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