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@spock1234  :  Sure, honey, and that's what exactly everyone else with the similar kind of patent portfolio charges. Do you have ANY idea how much everyone else is charging?   Ericsson is among the top contributors with large number of seminal and essential SEPs -- and there are perhaps only three or four others who could demand similar or higher rate, say Qualcomm, Alcatel, and Moto, not a dozen.  The exact figures are announced and published by the patent holders and...
 @tmay : not sure what you mean.  Apple lost all cases on the iPad claims -- all their iPad design patents were completely rejected and invalidated everywhere. The two shapes, "rectangular" and "rounded corners," I was referring to in my comment pertains to app-icons (USD604305 - GUI for a display screen) which allowed Apple to disgorge Samsung's entire profit on infringed devices.  
 Sure, that's just you and other people.  I also know a lot of folks who still need desktops computers, even without the internet. 
 @dasanman69  :  desktop computers are still  desktop computers with or without the internet.
 or more like a company in Cupertino claiming royalties just because they got rectangles and rounded corners.  ahem.
 @sd-diver : Sure, but is that what's driving "market demand" for your car or Mercedes?   If folks are buying Mercedes just because of the wireless functionality, yes, otherwise, no. 
 @tmay : Sure, IEEE is one organization who thinks patent holders "may charge a reasonable royalty that is based, among other things, on the value that the patented technology contributes to the smallest salable component of the overall product," but it doesn't speak for all SSO's dealing with different kind of patents.  And, further, there is absolutely no court rulings affirming such trend toward the smallest salable unit.  I think we also reviewed a couple of court...
 @tmay : I think we had this debate before.  Again, while I agree that some type of "apportionment" rule should be used to determine a royalty rate, I don't agree that all FRAND/non-FRAND rates should be based on the "smallest salable unit." There are already some analytical frameworks to determine whether or when a component or an entire-product royalty basis is appropriate.  In this particular case, Ericsson is a major contributor to various communication standards at...
 @rob53: please, read your own citation "...For its part, Apple in January filed a lawsuit against Ericsson for charging excessive royalty rates for 4G LTE technology, arguing the Swedish firm's IP is non-essential. Following Apple's legal move, Ericsson quickly countered with its own complaint in Texas.  ..." Apple started it in January, ahead of Ericsson's ITC complaints and Texas lawsuits. 
 @tmay : not sure what you mean,  Apple routinely used the Dusseldorf and Munich courts to sue competitors -- and won preliminary injunctions on a few occassions, though they were all eventually lost or reversed in appeal.  And let's not forget Rockstar, Apple's proxy war with Google, based in Plano, TX. 
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