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 Well, hate to be pedantic, but Apple's iOS is still BSD-based, which has been around longer than Linux.  Linux was started by Linus Tovalds in part to fill the void created by AT&T's lawsuit against BSDi & UC.  Yes, but both are heavily based on FOSS; not created in isolation as some fanboys seem to believe.
 Apple has been cutting back on display, memory orders from Samsung.  It's just that Apple doesn't have much of a choice when it comes to choosing a fab supplier.  So much for looking past the sentiment.. 
 Do you work for DED in the fiction department?  From Cult of Mac: “John Scully was running Apple at the time, and they were in real trouble, real financial trouble, and in fact they were about to go bust,” said Hauser. “The reason they didn’t go bust was because they sold their ARM stake that they had originally purchased for $1.5 billion for $800 million.”That’s a staggering $700 million loss, but if not for selling ARM, Hauser says, Apple might not even be here today to...
 No, what I meant is that Apple's contribution in ARM's founding was mostly financial, not technical.
 This is AI, where deliberate misrepresentation/shoddy scholarship by some of its own editorial members is quite common -- see DED's other OP-EDs.  I guess the fact that Apple's latest SOC, the A7, in the 5S is still made by Samsung does nothing to challenge DED's credibility among his minions. 
 Apple had 40% financial stake in ARM Ltd in the early 90's, but Steve Jobs sold them at a huge loss in 1998.  Portal Player supplied ARM based chips used in the early iPods; then switched to Samsung in 2006.  Apple didn't have much in-house chip design expertise until it bought PA-semi (2008) and Intrinsity (2010).
 So what exactly is so "disastrous" about Exynos again?
 No. Samsung mobile, Qualcomm, Apple, nVidia use Samsung LSI to manufacture their ARM chips. 
Well, I guess this is after all AI.     Samsung S2, S3, S4 all came out with Qualcomm Snapdragon (mostly US) and Samsung Exynos (international), while Samsung used Samsung Exynos, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Intel Atom chips (Galaxy Tab 3 10.1) for tablets. Samsung Chromebooks are also powered by dual-core Exynos.   Samsung is doomed.  LOL!
 Sure, the rumor has been around for at least 3-4 years now; with no confirmation with Apple or TSMC. Yes, Apple took a large stake in ARM Ltd in the early 90's under Scully, but Jobs sold them all for a huge loss in 1998 after his return. Intrinsity was an independent company who developed low-power/high-performance technology, most notable for F14.  The ARM SOCs used in the first two generations of Apple iPhones were vanilla Samsung SOCs -- the A4 was the first SOC...
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