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Have you looked under the Purchased link on the iTunes store tab?  I had the same issue and called Apple and they advised me to look there to download items I had bought on my iPad or iPhone.  The automatic download functionality is selectable in the preferences.
Actually Agilent spun off the test equipment business to a new company called Keysight Technologies in August 2014.  Agilent now specialise in scientific equipment such as Mass Spectrometers.
Was like this for me too. On the Featured page scroll down to Must-Have Collections and then across to Apps made for Apple.  I was able to download them free from there.
THe IOS6 upgrade has broken iTunes Match!     I can only download full albums to my iPhone 4S using the service, not individual tracks, and then cannot delete anything without switching off the service first.     Then switching iTunes Match back on wipes all music off and I have to start again.     This makes the service completely useless! Back to WiFi syncing for me, and a cancellation of iTunes match if Apple fail to fix it.
Hopefully this will lead to it launching on the Apple TV
Only if you do not pay apple their 25 dollars. Otherwise the I-Tunes match will upload those tracks that are not in the store.
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