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I wouldn't call Picasa a sourceforge project (Ouch!). I use Picasa at work on Windows to organize tens of thousands of photos for enforcement cases and it is quick, integrates beautifully with Outlook and is efficient. And there is no denying the speed of this app on my iMac. iPhoto has never has this kind of speed. As far as it being not Mac like, well just look at the debacle that is Office 2008 and its beginnings where the beta testers had the same complaint that...
I've tried to follow this thread about the advantages of Snow Leopard and they appear to be worth it. But what I'd really like to know is if ever a 4GB memory stick for the current iMac (PC-6400 DDR2 ram) is offered, would the existing hardware + Snow Leopard allow it? I saw a big difference between the base 2 GB and when I upgraded to the current max of 4GB. 8GB sounds enticing!
I have Toast 6 Titanium from a LaCie drive I bought some time ago, and just got an EyeTV with Toast 8 basic. Is there anything in T8 that I might need, TT 6 seems to work fine. I keep reading that nothing much has changed after version as far as typical burning needs. I know that support for newer formats has been added with the later versions so I am asking is T8 even necessary having TT6?
Well I just pulled the trigger on a CyberPower 685AVR for $72 w/free shipping at Amazon. Good reviews and what sold me was the fact that when connected via USB to a Mac, it is managed by system software. I have an APC brand at work and would have preferred a known brand, but to get voltage regulation the cheapest APC was around $110 for the LS700. Will post my experiences with it later. Thanks to all.
Thanks to all, I think the consensus is that a UPS is a good investment. In the NW where I used to live the power didn't even flicker in 10 years (reliable hydro-electric). Here in FL (lightening capital of the US) power flickers and shut downs are a daily occurrence. I also thought that because of that a UPS with voltage regulation (smoothing) would be a good idea because peak demands like summertime AC etc. trigger brownouts which can alter line voltage but not...
Looking for recommended UPSs for iMac 24'. Best Buy has Geek Squad brand this week for $89 and it seems full featured but the software is PC only. Without software control not sure if it is worth it just for basic backup protection. APC brand has software for Mac but nothing in this price range. Especially desired is the automatic voltage regulation which only the more expensive units have. Anyone using a UPS in the $80-$100 range and happy with it?
I have looked in iCal's prefs file with Pref-Setter and also in the package contents to see if I could change the font size in iCal. Does anyone know of a way, perhaps via Terminal?
When in Safari what is the keyboard shortcut that captures a webpage, launches Mail and puts it in a new blank page ready for sending?
With all the talk about the firmware unlocking of the 802.11n capability with the newest Macs, will we ever see the unlocking of USB 2.0 on those G4 MDDs that supposedly have it dumbed down to 1.0 specs? If not how hard would this be to do? Sure would be a nice present with Leopard though I'm not holding my breath. \
Didn't mean to infer Apple would drop FW entirely and certainly not for DV periferals that work so well with their iLife and premium software programs. It just seems that the iSight camera is going to be a good test case to see how well Apple will continue to support it and not go USB. After all, don't the new built in cameras that run on USB also support multiple video chats? And with Core Duo power becoming the new standard, this makes up for what would have previously...
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