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Come a few miles south to San Antonio!!
This is just sad... Trying to sell malware protection to Mac users for Windows malware... 
Glad to see LTE coming to Aggieland along with the new iPhone. With LTE in the BCS i might even consider upgrading to the new iPad as well. Thanks a Gig 'em
So the geo fencing is cool, however I don't see it being practical with OSX. If I remind myself to stop at the post office when I leave my house on the way to work, how will my Mac know I left the house as there will be no Wi-Fi? Would the fact that the reminders sync via iCloud in turn use the phone or iPad for the GPS on a reminder you set on your Mac? If so then it would be very useful.
Ive been wanting these Apple products integrated in cars after dealing with Microsoft's sync systems in Fords. It's absolutely terrible
I haven't been reading too much about the alleged apple TV, so i may be wrong here. Would Siri be through the TV? Shouting at my TV seems like such a hassle, it would be really cool if you could talk to your iOS device to control the TV....
Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone and dont plan on ever buying a different phone as long as the iPhone is out there, but not everyone fully uses or understands the iPhone software updates either. My parents both got iP4s after they had their 3Gs and to this day still do not even know the multi-tasking exists. Every time I pick up on of their phones the first thing I do is turn off at least 20 apps. I don't think I am going to even bother trying to explain iOS5 to them....
In all my college classes at least 8/10 laptops being used are macs. Not to mention probably 6/10 of the kids have iPhones. It's trending right now, kids want macs because they're "cool", then they realize macs are better machines and stay loyal to the brand
Can't we just enjoy the iP4S for now? Why are the iP5 rumors starting already?? On second thought, I heard for a legit source it will record my lectures and take my tests for me.
My iP4 has been "bricked" now for about 5 hours, my MacBook will not recognize it so I can't really do anything to it, it is just shuffling from the pinwheel to the apple logo on the screen. Any ideas?
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