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All I really care about at this point is getting iOS5, any other talk is irrelevant right now
I pre-ordered my iPhone 4 last year. I just went and checked on AT&T and it said as a valued customer I am eligible for an iPhone upgrade at a discounted price. However the option to upgrade to a 4S won't be available until Friday. As long as I get the discounted price im all for buying a new phone
Honestly the reason people are getting so worked up about this is because apple has become so big. They are in the spotlight more so than when they announced the 3GS. As I was reading the updates I was originally very disappointed with the upgrades for the new iPhone. Partly because of the rumors and I was really looking forward to something completely new. As a teenager I was quick to judge the 4S and throw it out the window as I feel most of the people complaining are....
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