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Another bunch of Swedish IT-billionares. Congratulations!   (No wonder property prices in Stockholm are accelerating to absolutely insane levels)
 Not really since as long as they can borrow money cheaper than what they make on *not paying dividend* on the shares they repurchase it's all a net plus for everyone. Except Steve who is as far as I know still dead.
Sorry, *Samsung* product. Fits even better.
The rumour of Fingerprint Cards possibly supplying technology to a Google product is interesting since that company is considered a bit of a stock scam here in Sweden. They have been promising the moon consistently to investors for the last few years and have delivered very little on their promises. This has resulted in an extremely volatile valuation of the company and the current CEO is even under investigation for insider trading. He is currently considered the worst...
 I'm pretty sure there are a significant number of customers like me. I was interested in dipping my feet into the Mac world and also to do some tinkering with iOS development and was not ready to fully commit to a desktop. I'm super happy with my Mac Mini as a secondary computer I'm sure I'm not the only one. I think it is relatively popular. It could be that Apple is simply resource constrained and that the Mac Mini is a lower priority product at this point if there is a...
Don't worry. It does not matter what will be announced. It will be viewed at least as underwhelming as the last ten years of WWDC's. During which the company has been on a tear that has made the stock fortyfold or so in price. Along with hit product after hit product: http://www.technologizer.com/2014/06/01/wwdc/ In fact, let's all *hope* that this years WWDC will actually be *at least* as underwhelming as any of them. Then we will *know* that Apple is still doing just fine.
It's definately not useless. I have used a 8Gb iPhone 4 for the last two years. I keep the essential apps on there and keep offline media files off it and I have had a great experience. Music is streaming (Spotify) and I offload photos to my MacMini when space is tight. The only thing I really need the space for is downloading podcasts but that can also be easily managed by syncing on wireless and deleting old stuff from the phone. The only thing I usually cannot do is...
Apparently in Android land you can both have the cake AND also eat it. And also. Android users are apparently *much* smarter so they just know by default what they should and should not install on their phones so It's basically all moot. "No issues" as a colleague of mine says all the time.
 I guess you haven't been to this news item on Engadget then? The hate is alive and well my friend :) Any technical progress Apple is involved in is by definition evil and everything else is just a generous gift to Humanity. Thats basically the narrative I guess...
 That should NOT be much of a surprise since until very recently (with the Sony Z(2?) Compact) there *where* no high end Androids around 4 inches. That is actually hard to do and most Android OEM's does not go for hard. They want quick. And the blessing of the whole Android market so far has been that ironically the *only* thing seen as "innovation" the last year or two has been.....a larger screen.
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