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"We're surrounded by anonymous, poorly made objects," Ive said. "It's tempting to think it's because the people who use them don't care — just like the people who make them. But what we've shown is that people do care."   This is great quote. And it encapsulates the main reason why I was (finally) drawn to Apple products in the first place. Most people "don't care". But I'm thinking that more and more people *will* care in the future and that will pay off for Apple even...
I made the same observation when upgrading my iPhone 4 yesterday. On first run after upgrade it was really slow for a minute or two when opening apps and moving around (which made me a bit worried). After that it has actually been snappier than my 6.1.3 install. The only thing that is slower (so far) is starting apps and possibly loading heavy websites in Safari. And no crashes so far. I'm happy!
I just installed it on my 8GB iPhone 4 and amazingly it now feels noticeably snappier overall. Some apps take a bit longer to load but the OS itself feels quicker than 6.1.3.   I did *not* expect that.
Yeah well, I'm about to start getting into programming my devices (iPad Air also) and I will target iOS 7. Good to have the low end of the spectrum to check performance on. I'm OK with it being a bit slower for the next month or so until I get the sweet release of upgrading to the A6 and 1GB RAM (of the iPhone 5c). Since my employer is paying for it I am going to be happy with it for the next 20 months or so and then upgrade to the 6S in 2015.
If that was really the case wouldn't they just make it slower for *all* devices on update instead of being stupid and actually make older devices run better? According to you brilliant theory that would make Apple even more money right? The iPhone 4 is close to *four* years old. The capacity of the hardware has more than doubled every year since then. At least it has decent (and instantly uppgradable) support for the latest OS version as opposed to 90% of the Android...
The narrative in Sweden has also been for quite a while that the 5c is a "flop". But whenever sales charts are actually released by the operators it turns out that the 5c is almost always the best selling phone after the 5s and maybe some Galaxy variant (usually the cheaper ones like the S3 or Ace or something). It usually beats for example the Galaxy S4. And after that there is usually a raft of Sony phones and even cheaper Galaxys. Curiously, no one here is calling the...
 Hello "Gatorguy"! I'm guessing you are new here on this thing we call the World Wide Web. Maybe you just got Internet access and this is actually the first Web site you just happened to stumble upon on your first try. It that case I welcome you onboard with the rest of us (we are hundreds of millions already here actually!) and will let you know that it (the World Wide Web) can be searched from a place called "a search engine". One example is "Google" if you perhaps have...
 *Now* Apple is truly Doomed(Tm)! It's going to be really interesting to see how techmedia (and media in general) is going to spin this autumn to be able to continue spinning the Apple is doomed meme. But I'm sure they will find some way.
 Don't forget " - Motorola is a totally separate company. Google has no control over what Motorola does!"
I'm sorry, but this gave me a bit of a chuckle.   In your case, if there would have been a soft-shutdown, how would you turn the damn thing on again? :)
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